My Friendly Neighborhood All Bosses, Items and True Ending

Hello from our My Friendly Neighborhood All Bosses, Items and True Ending guide. This guide shows where to get ALL the items, or how to help All the “Bosses”. They will be categorized by each boss puppet, in no particular order.

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My Friendly Neighborhood All Bosses, Items and True Ending

Welcome to our My Friendly Neighborhood All Bosses, Items and True Ending guide. This guide shows where to get ALL the items, or how to help All the “Bosses”.

To Help: Ray the Grumpy Janitor

To help Ray, you will need Multiple things.

First, you need the RED DIAMOND key, which you get from winning the board game in the Lounge area in the Offices against a very bored looking Norman, and the YELLOW TRIANGLE key, which you get in the Greenhouse in the Park.

Next you need to go to the Basement, which you can get to by going down the elevator in the Office.

Then from the elevator room you need to go into the door opposite of the elevator, be careful as there are two puppets in this room. One usually near one of the doors, and one smacking their head against the wall next to the elevator. The puppets in this room can appear in one of 4 spots.

The Red Diamond door in the room opposite to the elevator will lead you into a Bathroom/Locker room of sorts. This is also where you can get one of the 4 tapes needed to help Gobblette, which is located in one of the stalls.

In the Shower area on the floor there is a Pipe piece. Grab it. It is a 1×2 piece, so make sure to have space in your suitcase.

Go back up the elevator, and make your way to the West Side of the basement, which you can get to via going to the Elevator in the Park. Be careful though as usually the room with the elevator in it will have a Puppet dog, unless you have already helped them.

Go down to the basement, and make your way to the area with the catwalks overlooking the big pit. Keep in mind there is 2 puppets that spawn here.

Find the Triangle Key door that has the “Rays Lair” Sign and go into it.

Wait for ray to go back into the pipe, Plug the “Pipe Piece” into the side of the big machine, and then turn the valve.

If you did all of this correctly, you will have Helped Ray!

To Help: Pearl the Big Bird

To help Pearl you will need: The BLUE CIRCLE key, which you can find within Stage 4 at the shooting range once you get your first gun, and the ORANGE SQUARE key, which you can find in the Laundromat in the Stage 4 Neighborhood Set.

FIrst, you need to go to the Neighborhood set, and go to the Pizza Shop.
Turn the dial until it has “Fish” selected.

Go back out, and you need to head up to where Norman’s Apartment is. You can find it easily on the map. Norman’s Apartment is also the highest place you can get to in this area without going to Stage 5, and can be accessed via going up to the rooftops and going across some of the planks, to go thru a door near the square drop down area.

On the wall before you go into Norman’s apartment, on the wooden catwalk next to the door you just went thru, there will be a box opened with Pearl’s Glasses. Grab these. They are a 2×1 Item, So make sure you have room!

Now, go back to find Pearl, and then get close enough to her to give her the glasses. You’ll see a prompt when looking at her face. Pearl is a passive NPC so you won’t get attacked by her.

Walk to the Vanity at the back corner of the Neighborhood set, and a cutscene will trigger. It is a good idea to knock out the puppet that’s standing there, as the area to trigger the cutscene is also in the puppet’s line of sight, and can result in getting downed the moment the cutscene ends.

If you did all of this correctly, Congratulations! You helped Pearl the Big Bird!

To Help: Gobblette the Hungry Green Giant

To Help Gobblette You Will Need: The ORANGE SQUARE, the BLUE CIRCLE, the YELLOW TRIANGLE, and the RED DIAMOND keys.

To help Gobblette, you need to find a series of 3 tapes, and plug them into the Projectors in the Projector room of the Offices. Keep in mind the tapes are 2×2, So plan space in your box accordingly.

The First of 3 tapes is just sitting on a chair in the projector room. You can grab it and plug it into one of the projectors. Press the button matching the projector you put the tape into, and then walk up to the viewing window to trigger a cutscene.

The Second tape is in the same room as the Film Developer that you need to grab when creating the Jam Solvent, which is located in Stage 4 in the Storage Room.

The Third and final tape is located in the Basement, in the same restroom as where you got the Pipe Piece for Ray. You can get to it quickly by going down the elevator in the Office Area, then just crossing the room to the Red Diamond door on the far side of that room.

Once you have all 3 tapes, you can plug them into the Projectors in the Projector Room in the office, and it will play a tape from “The City War”, which will cause Gobblette to sit in the Theater, supposedly depressed.

Go down to the theater, and go up to Goblette to trigger a Cutscene.

If you did all these steps correct, Congrats! You have successfully helped Goblette!

To Help: The Puppet Dogs

To Help The Puppet Dogs You Will Need: The 2 Halves Of The Medallions To Open The Aviary.

The First of two medallions is located just at the start of the game in a broken glass case at the downstairs part of the hotel.

The Second one is located in a Yellow Triangle Lockbox near where the Fuze Puzzle was in Rays Basement on the West Side. You can get to this quickly by going down the elevator in the Park, and going thru the catwalk to the area that has the Safe Room (the Upper most door), going to the door opposite of the safe room, and you will be very close to the lockbox.

Grab both of them and then go unlock the aviary outside the Hotel.

In the Aviary, you have access to two toolchests, a cabinet with a LOT of supplies, and a big door.

First, flip the switch on the bottom electrical box, you should hear a box open. Look to your right, and you’ll see a box with a battery. Grab the battery and go up the stairs to plug it into the box in one of the electrical boxes. Make sure BOTH switches are turned on on the boxes in the stairs. Though if you turn the Topmost switch off, it will open the cabinet of loot.

Go to the very bottom switch again, and turn it off. If you have both switches on the stairs turned on, it will open the garage door.

Go thru this, and grab the Dog Food. Keep in mind this item is VERY big. It is 3×2, So plan accordingly.

Go back to where the dog bowls were next to the greenhouse in the park, and pour the dog food into the pans, then ring the bell.

This will trigger a cutscene, and the dogs will not spawn in any of the rooms at all after this.

If you did this all correctly, congrats! You have helped the Puppet Dogs.

To Help: Arnold the Pianist

To help Arnold you need: To legit just finish the Cardboard Hotel area.

When you finish the Cardboard Hotel area, Arnold will force you to play Piano.
You CAN Skip this cutscene, but Arnold will be very annoyed.
(Honestly idk if skipping this counts as not helping him, but I’d assume it counts? Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong)

Once he forces you to play piano during the cutscene, you have officially helped Arnold. Hurray?

To Help: The Felt Freakshow (The Final Boss)

To “Help” (And By Help I Mean Kill In Like, 10 Seconds) The Felt Freakshow, You Will Need:
The Novelist with a decent amount of rounds
About 10 Punctuations (The Grenades) (This number will increase the higher the difficulty btw)

To beat the boss the fastest, you first need to outrun the Unfriendlies, then Jump down into the arena.

You can shoot the Felt Freakshow with the Novelist, just be VERY careful where you stand, as it charges at you.

You can also just throw a bunch of Punctuations at it. Punctuations do an INSANE amount of damage, but also be wary of splash, as its AOE is pretty high. I’ve found that it takes around 10 Punctuations to beat it on Normal difficulty, though this scales up the higher difficulty.

To get more Punctuations, you can find them scattered around the map, or you can use the Index Machine in the Aviary to craft more, at the cost of 26 Letters.

Once you have beaten the boss, flip the switch and it will open the gate.

On the Contrary if you feel like not killing the Felt Freakshow, you will need a couple Candybars, and maybe some health potions.

Eat a candybar right as you go into the arena, and then use that speed to run and flip the switch. The gate to exit will slowly start opening, but this will take a WHILE, so be ready to run and dodge. Wait long enough for the gate to open, and you can exit the arena and go out the hall back up to where the elevator is.

To Help: Curt’n Call (The Midway Boss)

By “Help” in this situation, I mean Kill the fastest. There isn’t a way to “Help” Curt’n Call, Or evade having to fight it. (That I’ve found, if there is, let me know)

Curt’n Curtain is the boss at the end of the Office Area. You need to “Pop” all of it’s eyes to beat it.

The Fastest Way is to use Punctuations, but as there are only a max of 3 that spawn in the Office, Use these sparingly.

Curt’n Call will spit dead Normans at the player, so using the Pillars in the main room is very helpful for cover. But it will also summon in Wall Puppets, which are the 3 little children puppets. They are easy to take care of as one shot from the Pistol will take care of them.

A Helpful strategy is to aim High with the first Punctuation you throw, then aim Low with the second. Any eyes that aren’t closed at that point you can use either the Shotgun or the Pistol to take care of.

Once you close all of the eyes, Curt’n Call will be defeated! Congrats! You have beaten (Helped?) Curt’n Call!

To Get The TRUE Ending

To get the True Ending, You need to help ALL of the Boss Puppets.
Pearl, Ray, Gobblette, The Dogs, and Arnold.

Once you do that, you need to accept Ricky’s offer to help fix up the studio at the end of the game.

Once you do, you get a cutscene of the True Ending! GG! You’ve Unlocked the Best Ending!

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