My Summer Car – Bolt Size Chart

Satsuma Bolt Size Chart

  • All parts that require bolts are visible.
  • Alphabetical order.
  • Economical single sheet arrangement.
  • Handmade fabric texture.
  • Hang in your garage. Or open on spare video display?
  • Bonus: Now includes local business hours.

The Bolt Size Chart

Garage Flag Replacement Section

Optional procedure for adding the chart to the game by replacing the flag in the garage.

  • Close My Summer Car.
  • Open the My Summer Car images folder:
  • \Steam\steamapps\common\My Summer Car\Images
  • Backup the original flag by renaming it:
  • Rename “flag_garage.png” to “flag_garage_original.png”
  • Copy the Bolt Size Chart into the My Summer Car images folder.
  • Rename the Bolt Size Chart to “flag_garage.png”.
  • Launch My Summer Car.
  • Observe the Bolt Size Chart in the garage.

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