Neon Abyss Cheat Codes

Welcome to our Neon Abyss Cheat Codes guide. The Full list of codes and how to utilize them (how to open console and how to unlock each cheat code).

Neon Abyss Cheat Codes

We’ll keep you upgraded with additional codes once they are released.

How to Use – Neon Abyss Cheat Codes

Open Console

Just press the tilde key (to the right of the 1 on the keyboard) and you’ll open the console. Although you may have to unlock the cheats before using them, as we indicate in the next section

Warning: Please note that you will not be able to unlock new achievements while using cheats. You will have to start a new game if you want to unlock achievements again.

Unlock the Cheat Codes

Complete the task for hades’ assistant and access the 404 room through the office. Once there talk to the Chief engineer and unlock all the x148 cheat codes by purchasing cards at the vending machine.

Cheat Codes Full List

  1. MONEY01: drops 1 coin
  2. MONEY05: drops 5 coins
  3. MONEY10: drops 10 coins
  4. MONEY50: drops 50 coins
  5. HEART5: Drop half a red heart
  6. HEART10: Drop 1 red heart
  7. SHIELD1: drops half a shield
  8. SHIELD2: drops 1 shield
  9. TICKET01: Drop ticket number 1
  10. TICKET02: Drop ticket number 2
  11. MAXHEART: becomes the maximum health value
  12. MAXSHIELD: The shield value becomes the maximum value
  13. BOMB01: Get 1 grenade
  14. BOMB02: Get 2 grenade
  15. KEY01: 1 key dropped
  16. KEY02: 2 keys dropped
  17. CRYSTAL01: drops 1 crystal
  18. CRYSTAL02: drops 2 crystals
  19. CRYSTALPACK: drops a crystal pack
  20. EGG01: drops 1 egg
  21. SPEEDUP: Increase movement speed a bit
  22. SPEEDMAX: runs fast
  23. JUMPHIGHER: Jump a little higher
  24. NOGRAVITY: As if there is no gravity, just like walking on the moon?
  25. DMGUP: Increases attack power a little bit
  26. DMGUPX2: Attack power greatly increased
  27. EXTRABULLET: shoots one more bullet
  28. BULLETHELL: fires fully, greatly increasing the number of ballistics
  29. RPMUP: to increase the rate of fire a little bit
  30. RPMUPX2: greatly increases the rate of fire
  31. EXTRAJUMP: Increase the number of jumps once
  32. LUCKY: feel very lucky
  33. SOULBRINGNER: Drop weapon Soulbringer
  34. LULLABY: Falling Weapon Lullaby
  35. PLASTICGUN: Drop weapon Plastic Gun
  36. FAMINE: Drop Weapon Famine
  37. FROSTFIRE: drop weapon frost fire
  38. REDDROGAN: Drop Weapon Red Dragon
  39. KEYGUN: drop weapon key gun
  40. AIRGUN: drop weapon air gun
  41. SONGOFJOY: Drop Weapon Song of Joy
  42. FOMASK: Drop Forbidden Mask
  43. NERVSYS: Drops Nerve System 6.0
  44. MONKHAT: Drop Monk Hat
  45. SHROUD: Drop Shroud
  46. BENSPO: drop bent spoon
  47. TURBAN: Drop Persian Turban
  48. PERSOUP: Drop Pepper Soup
  49. SPACESODA: drop space soda
  50. GIANTBBQ: drop giant barbecue
  51. SPGLASS: Drops Bodyguard Sunglasses
  52. BEASTANMU: Drop Amulet of Beasts
  53. STARKMODULE: Drop Stark Module
  54. GARCLIP: Drop Garand Clip
  55. SLINGSHOT: Drop Powerful Slingshot
  56. MADMASK: Drop Mad Mask
  57. HAIRDRYER: drop hair dryer
  58. BLUETOCOL: drop blue protocol
  60. LIKE: Drop Like Hand
  61. SUPLOGO: Drop super logo
  62. SEALS: drop seal badge
  63. SMITHHAM: Drop Smithing Hammer
  64. GAPPLE: Drop Golden Apple
  65. POWERDIAMOND: drops power gems
  66. TESLACOIL: drops a Tesla coil
  67. DEMONWINGS: drop demon wings
  68. DIVINITY: drop divinity
  69. GREENCAP: drop Green Cap
  70. BIRTHCAKE: drop birthday cake
  71. REDHAT: Drop Red Hat
  72. EXMINE: Drop Dangerous Mine
  73. FATALDANCE: Drop Fatal Dance
  74. GTORCH: drops the golden torch
  75. LIDLESSEYE: Drop Lidless Eye
  76. IMMORTAL: Drop Immortal Heart
  77. INNEREYE: Drop Inner Eye
  78. DESELIXIR: drops Desert Elixir
  79. COINBOMB: drops Coin Bomb
  80. MERLORD: Drop King of Mercenaries
  81. BATTLEPASS: Drop Battle Pass
  82. GBIRD: Drop Golden Bird
  83. SPARTAN: drops Spartan blood
  84. BERSERKER: Drop Berserker’s Fury
  85. HOWARDACTOR: Falling Ark Reactor
  86. MAGVORTEX: drop magic vortex
  87. CATMEDAL: drops the white cat badge
  88. SIVBROOCH: drop silver brooch
  89. AMENECKLACE: Drop Amethyst Necklace
  90. MANEKINEKO: Drop Manekineko
  91. HACKTOOL: Drop Hack Tool
  92. BLACKFRIDAY: drops double thirteen
  93. LIPSTICK: drop lipstick
  94. HARDHAT: drop helmet
  95. PUMPHEAD: drops a pumpkin head
  96. VOFIELD: drops the absolute field
  97. THETOWEL: drop towel
  98. DEVILTRADE: Drop Devil’s Trade
  99. BIGDADDY: Drop Big Brother
  100. FANATICMASK: Drop Fanatic Mask
  101. ANCIENTMASK: drop ancient mask
  102. FORESTSONIR: Drop Rain Forest Souvenir
  103. PLAGUEMASK: Drop Plague Mask
  104. DEMONSLAY: Drop Demon Hunter
  105. AIRMEDAL: drops the Royal Air Force Medal
  106. POPCORN: drop popcorn
  107. COLORCROWN: drops colorful crests
  108. ELASTICGEL: drop rejection gel
  109. BUBBLE: Drop Deep Sea Bubble
  110. DANGERSIGN: Falling hazard sign
  111. HOTCHILI: Drop red pepper
  112. COOLINGSYS: drop water cooling system
  113. BADAPPLE: Dropped a broken apple
  114. GAMMARAY: drops gamma rays
  115. JELLYBEAN: drops colorful jelly beans
  116. DEVILLINE: Drop Demon Hotline
  117. GFIST: Drop Golden Fist
  118. KILLERQUEEN: Drop Hunter Queen
  119. MJOLNIR: Drop Mjolnir
  120. HEADBADN: Drop Ninja Guard
  121. SAITAMA: Drop Normal Gloves
  122. ALIENTOY: Drop alien toys
  123. PATYPOPPER: Drop party popper
  124. FIRECRACKER: drop firecrackers
  125. XBOMB: drop blasting device 5000
  126. SAPPACK: Drop Engineer Backpack
  127. NANOTECH: Drop Nanotech
  128. PLANB: Drop alternate plan
  129. ACORN: Drops acorns
  130. DOUBLEYOLK: Drops double yolk egg
  131. BLACKRUM: drops black rum
  132. DOUGHNUT: Drop Donuts
  133. LEMONJELLY: Drop Lemon Jelly
  134. GINGERMAN: Drops Gingerbread Man
  135. SNACKBOX: Drop Snack Box
  136. GUMBEAR: Drop Gummy Bear
  137. MARSHMALLOW: Drop marshmallow
  138. NINJIACOS: Drop Ninja Costume
  139. TRAVHOOD: Drop Traveler Hood
  140. WINGEDHAT: Drop Winged Hat
  141. SCIAWARD: Drop Science Award
  142. FLASHBOOTS: Falling Lightning Boots
  143. FLAMINGO: Drop Flamingo Feathers
  144. DISCOLIGHT: Drop dance floor lamp
  145. OWLHEAD: Drop Owl Headgear
  146. MICROPHONE: drop microphone
  147. BACK: Back to the initial room on this floor
  148. OPENDOOR: Open the locked door in case you are locked

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