New Cycle: Endgame Planner

If you’re looking for information on a planner for the final game in New Cycle, you can benefit from the detailed information in this guide.

Endgame Planner

A guide, with attached planner, for the End game of New cycle. During the mid game the player is alerted to the coming oxygen crisis and told to prepare by building a bunker to survive it. Around day 1600, the player will receive the “its time” pop-up and the chosen survivors with flock to the shelter over the coming days. Upon triggering of the final event, all construct will pause and no further construct can be completed. A small deficit of each of the balances is seemingly allowed (needs testing).

2 milestones will appear along the path of construction 125 and 200 survivors, though this may be changed by the decisions selected.

The bunker itself is a 12 X 12 structure requiring road access at the front, with 20 worker, 10 Craftsman and 10 Specialist workforce slots. The amount of workforce significantly reduces the build time of the chosen modules from ~360 days for a power modules at minimum down to 10 days at full workforce. It features a central shaft, with modules placed at increasing depth, 3 on the first 2 levels, 2 on the last 2

New Cycle - Endgame Planner [SPOILERS]

An important consideration for building the bunker is the time for construction, a bunker housing 600+ workers is possible but will have significantly higher material cost and construction time than the minimum

Planner V1

The above planner includes the basic material costs for the Bunker, cost per level and build times to be added when testing concludes.

Please copy the document for your own use and experimentation for build, but include credit when used.

Using the calculator, it appears 860 is the maximum saved-able population, with all positive balances:

  • LIVING QUARTERS – 2 Cramped Quarters, 13 Stack Dormitories
  • WATER – 9 Underground Wells, 3 Rainwater Basins
  • FOOD – 3 Fungal Tubule Caverns, 8 Indoor Farms
  • PRODUCTION – 4 Production Hall Compartments, 4 Foundry and Furnace
  • ELECTRICITY – 2 Compost Processing Alternator, 10 Multi-Fuel Generator, 4 Thermal Exhaust Turbines
  • VENTILATION – 11 Air Treatment Drums, 1 Circulation Ducts
  • LOGISTICS – 2 Storage, 4 Repository


Currently, the flavour text of each of the modules has no known effect on the final outcome of the bunker


New Cycle - Endgame Planner [SPOILERS]


New Cycle - Endgame Planner [SPOILERS]


New Cycle - Endgame Planner [SPOILERS]


New Cycle - Endgame Planner [SPOILERS]


New Cycle - Endgame Planner [SPOILERS]


New Cycle - Endgame Planner [SPOILERS]


New Cycle - Endgame Planner [SPOILERS]

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