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Welcome to our New World House Guide. In this guide, we’ll talk about the different types of houses available, as well as what you should look for when choosing a location you want to purchase.

New World House Guide

New World house guide updated on: 2th February, 2023

How Does Housing Work in New World?

Housing in New World is based on numerous plots of land which are offered for sale within the primary settlements discovered around the map. There are a wide variety of different choices, consisting of different layouts. While picking a layout you like is important, there are a few more things to keep in mind when selecting your very first home.

First, you’ll wish to take your current area standing into account. You can increase this by finishing missions and town tasks. When you reach Rank 10, you’ll be granted the capability to buy your very first house. Much better homes aren’t normally available until you reach higher levels of standing like Rank 30, nevertheless

Think about the real estate tax of the offered settlement. This tax is paid weekly, and you’ll want to guarantee it is a cost you can pay for prior to consenting to buy a home in that specific location. It’s best to try to find homes in your own faction’s settlements, though it is likewise suggested to go for homes in cities you visit often, to help make travel much easier.

Finally, consider just how much crafting you perform in that area. Due to the fact that homes let you place down additional storage, you can take advantage of those alternatives by acquiring a home in a settlement where you frequently hold onto crafting products.

New World House Guide
New World House Guide

All Housing Tiers and Bonuses – New World House Guide

There are 4 tiers of real estate available in New World and each tier determines the minimum real estate tax, in addition to how many family pets, storage pieces, and lights you can put within that location. The tier of home likewise plays a big part in determining how quickly the recall cooldown is, with Tier 1 houses using a four hour cooldown, versus the two hour cooldown of more expensive Tier 4 homes.

Here’s a fast breakdown of all the perks that each tier of housing deals:

TierCostMinimum TaxCooldownStorage Furniture LimitMax PetsMax LightsStanding Requirement
15,0002504 hours15410
210,0005003 hours26615
315,0007502.5 hours37820
420,0001,0002 hours481030

It is likewise worth keeping in mind that the very first house purchase you make is marked down by50 percent, including the weekly taxes. As such, it is advised that you get your standing and gold approximately a point where you can afford among the more expensive homes. This will ensure you use the discount in the most effective method possible.

How to Increase Storage With Housing

As noted above, you can increase the amount of storage you have in a town by adding specific furniture pieces to your home. There are currently two recognized furniture options that give additional storage: the Hewn Log Storage Chest and the Iron Storage Chest. You need to have unlocked the right Furnishing level to craft either of them. The Hewn Log Storage Chest adds 200 storage and the Iron Storage Chest includes 300 overall storage to your optimum quantity.

When you have crafted the furniture, you should place it in your home. Head to the real estate area that you purchased and follow the on-screen directions to start positioning furnishings. Keep in mind to keep the storage chest limitation in mind when crafting or acquiring those additional products, too.

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