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Welcome to our New World How to Equip Skins guide. Whether you made or bought your bonus skins, you’re going to would like to know how to use them. Fortunately, the procedure is exceptionally simple and can be done at any point while playing the game. Here’s everything you require to know.

New World How to Equip Skins

Players delving into New World will be seeking to add some individuality to their clothing, whether that be utilizing a specific weapon, taking particular armor, or maybe exploring a few of the skin options in the game.

How to Equip Skins in New World

New World How to Equip Skins
New World How to Equip Skins

To equip a skin for a weapon or piece of armor in New World, you’ll wish to right-click on that item while geared up from your stock and choose Change Skin from the dropdown menu.

This is going to bring up a library of skins that you have readily available for that piece. It’s worth keeping in mind that if you don’t currently have a skin available for a product, then you will not see the Change Skin alternative in the dropdown menu.

If you’re not sure how to bring up your inventory in New World, press the “tab” key, and it ought to be accessible in more scenarios when out of a cutscene.

As New World continues to grow after launch, it is likely a lot of skins will be added through the store system along with through drops, so make certain to keep an eye out for makeovers to add to your collection.

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