New World Leveling Guide

Welcome to our New World Leveling Guide. This is a guide talking about how to level up. I played for 200 hours total during the open and closed beta. You can use this guide to help you level up if you’re stuck or don’t know how.

New World Leveling Guide

Starting Out

  • When you first start out, you’ll spawn on a beach. What you wanna do is complete all the tutorial quests on the beach and head into your first town. If you’re playing with a friend you might want to go to his town if you’re playing on playing together.
  • When you get to the town there’s gonna be a few quests. Do those tutorial quests and the game will ask you to choose a faction. Choose whichever one you want. Keep in mind that the faction you choose will affect what companies( clans or guild) you can join. If you’re Covenant you can only join Covenant companies.
  • By now you should be around level 10.
  • To level up, you can do town missions or factions quests.
  • I recommend doing factions quests if you want to be ahead of everyone else because at the start of the game you can only choose 3 town quests. You can go to your faction and take all the quests. Remember to take all the sidequests in the town too. When you’re done with those quests you can kill yourself to fast travel and save time. Keep doing this until your level 20. You have to repeat taking faction quests and town quests. Best to take 3 town quests and 3 faction PvE quests.
New World Leveling Guide
New World Leveling Guide

Level 20 to 30 – New World Leveling Guide

If you’ve reached level 20 you can now do corrupted portals.

  • I recommend getting 3 or more people in your party and then roaming the map clearing out these portals. They will not only give you XP but also good items.
  • Around level 20 you the main quest will make you go to the Armine excavation which is a dungeon. I recommend not doing that until you reach level 23 or higher because the dungeon quest will be available once you’re level 23 or higher. You also need a key to enter the dungeon. What I recommend is forming a party with people who need to finish the quest and doing the dungeon multiple times because it’s very good XP. Don’t forget to take the quest from the dog outside before you start.
  • A very good way to get a lot of XP is having a 4 man party and carrying level 20 players in the dungeon. You and your party members will get around 6k Xp every run which takes about 20 minutes. You won’t need to craft keys since the player you’re carrying will use their keys for you. This method can help you level up very very fast and this will also help you get blue rarity gear. However, if you do not want to do the excavation keep doing corrupted portals, faction quests, and town quests until you reach level 30.
Leveling Guide
Leveling Guide

Level 30 to Endgame

  • By now you have a pretty good idea of how to level up. This is the most grindy part of leveling up. To reach level 60 the fastest, I recommend you first do level 35 corrupted portals until you reach level 35. Then go to a level 40 town. There do town quests and faction quests until you reach level 40. Then you go do level 45 corrupted portals. You get the idea. Keep repeating until you reach the endgame. Good luck and see you in the New World.

Things to do Asap and Useful Tips to Keep in Mind:

  • Only do the fishing quest in Windsward if you really enjoy fishing;
  • Pick up all journals you see (if you press T you don’t have to read them);
  • Pick up all herbs you see (1 hyssop + 1 water = health potion);
  • Pick up all iron you see and craft a full set of iron tools asap: which requires:

38 iron ingots / 152 iron
10 timber / 40 wood
6 coarse leather / 24 rawhide

  • You should keep in mind you want to get 30 gathering asap for the main quest that will require:

38 iron ingots / 152 iron
3 Rivercrest stems
3 Petal Caps
3 water

  • You need to have the Rivercrest+Petal Caps+Water on you when you receive the main quest so either pick up enough materials to craft two sets of potions or wait until you have accepted the quest from her and go to a nearby campfire to craft the 3x corrupted tinctures;
  • You also need lvl 10 mining to gather 20 silver ore that should be crafted into 5 silver ingots for the main quest;
  • Choose one city to stash items in and try to stash before fast travelling;
  • Pick up spirit shrines (fast travels);
  • Always pick up PVE faction quest when you return to a settlement for new side missions;
  • If you wanna do a lot of pvp early you can buy faction gear but if you just wanna rush side missions it is not needed. I spend my faction tokens on HP potions until level 40;
  • Monarch/Windsward/First Light have a cow you can milk and turn into tier 1 food rations;
  • Every settlement has honey that can be a secondary ingredient in tier 2 food. Stockpile it;
  • Territory standings points I choose XP > Storage > standing > gathering but do as you please.

Level 1-5

  • Skip the intro by going to game settings and clicking skip;
  • Pick up 4 flint + 4 wood and craft all tools;
  • Kill and skin two boars instead of just one required for the quest.

Level 5-12

On the way to first settlement make sure you gather:

  • 45 wood
  • 40 stone
  • 16 rawhide (two boars from earlier is enough)
  • 1 flint
  • In the settlement you will be given 90 iron and asked to make Iron ingots and then craft a sword. If you plan on playing melee you get enough iron to craft an additional weapon after crafting a sword, I personally craft a great axe but if you don’t you can craft either a Iron sickle or pickaxe instead.
  • You should stay in whatever zone you start in until level 12 unless you are meeting up with friends. Do all the initial quests, pick a faction and once you have done the main quest where you clear 3 small corrupted portals you should be level 11-12 and you will unlock the fast travel point to the docks without going there. You can use this fast travel to go towards the next settlement and save some time.

Level 12-18

  • Ignore the main quest for now
  • My preferred order of zones to visit is First light > Monarch > Windsward and save Everfall until I start doing the main quest.
  • When should you leave a zone and go to the next one? When you start getting quests that are 3-4 levels higher than your character it is time to go, they will be hard to complete and will not give you any new quest afterwards until you level up further.
  • So keep doing things from the notes at the start and do side missions appropriate for your level in each respective zone. If you are level 16 and see level 19 quests you can just come back later.
  • After doing side missions + pve missions in all four starter zones you should be around level 18.

Level 18-22

Now is the perfect time to do main quest and Everfall:

  • Optional if you pvp flag you gain extra xp from turning in quest outside of settlement
  • Step 1: Go do the Main quest at the ruins between Everfall and Monarch
  • Step 2: Pick up all Quest in everfall and do the 3 quest you get in everfall + main quest
  • Step 3: Go to monarch and do main quest
  • Step 4: Go to First light and do main quest
  • Step 5: Go to Monarch and do main quest
  • Step 6: Main quest should now be in sync with everfall quest
  • Step 7: Kill forgemaster
  • Step 8: Forge the staff
  • Step 9: wait until you are level 23 to do the Amrite Expedition

After completing all main quests in Everfall you can now do all side missions in Everfall.

Level 22-25

  • Do all side missions + main quest in Windsward but don’t do Amrite expedition until you are level 23 because you gain access to Barkimedes repeatable quest.
  • If you want you can find a group and set up rotations for amrite and do a couple of runs since it drops good items and barkimedes gives decent xp!
  • After being done with Amrite + main quest in Windsward I go to any wolf cave and level up my skinning to 25 and then finish the remaining side quest in First light.

Now we need to talk about “filler” xp:

  • In New World you won’t be able to go to a new zone and have a good time if you follow the recommended level as shown on the map. Let’s use Cutlas Keys as an example but this counts for every single zone going forward. It is advertised as a 26-40 zone but if you go there at level 26 you will not have enough quests to level up and do all of the quests in the zone. Most side missions unlock when your character reaches a certain level.
  • So it is worth going to Cutlas keys at level 29-30 and do all the quests you can and then return later around level 35-37 and do the remaining quest.
  • Still this leaves a gap from level 25-29 and this is where “filler” xp is required. Let’s talk about different ways to get xp outside of questing.

As a solo player you can:

  • Town Board missions (guide for it coming soon)
  • Aoe grind mobs if you are the only player on the server there (:
  • PVE faction missions

As a group:

  • Expedition rotations with repeatable quest
  • Corrupted breach farming
  • AoE farm golden elites

Level 25-29

  • Filler xp as you please

Level 29-37

  • Congrats you can go back to efficiently questing again for some time.
  • Do everything you can in Brightwood until the quests are +5 level above you.
  • Do everything you can in Cutlas Keys until the quests are +5 level above you.
  • Do everything you can in Weavers Fen until the quests are +5 level above you.
  • Return to Brightwood and complete the rest of the quests. Only do (Elite) ones in a group.
  • Return to Cutlas Keys and complete the rest of the quests. Only do (Elite) ones in a group.
  • Return to Weavers Fen and complete the rest of the quests. Only do (Elite) ones in a group.

Level 37-43

  • Back to filler xp enjoy

Level 43-46

  • You can now do all the quests on the right side of great cleave and then move onto Restless shore and do the side quests and the main quest in The Depths expedition.
  • The main quest will hopefully continue as datamined on full release but for now I don’t know the next steps for it.

Level 46-48

  • Hopefully the main quest pops off here otherwise do some of your favourite filler xp again! Yay wow amazing.

Level 48-52

  • Do all the quest in morningdale + remaining quest in great cleave on the left side and potentially more main quests.

Level 52-55

  • Filler xp yay

Level 55-57

  • Now is a good time to go to Edengrove and finish the entire zone of quest there, note that you need to be able to craft or buy tier 3 blighted tinctures to complete all the quests.
  • After you are done with edengrove you can do the first two quests in Ebonscale reach (visit 5 dragon shrines + kill some alligators) and you will be rewarded with tier 4 bag and an expedition key. The rest of the quests in Ebonscale reach are not really worth your time.

Level 57-60

  • Filler xp yay!
  • Unless you have a big group you can move onto shattered mountain and do the quests there eventually.

Final Notes:

After you are done with Weavers fen you would have to pretty much do filler exp all the way to 60 since the quests were super scarce in the rest of the zones.
Hopefully that changes with the main quest being added after the Depths dungeon and that will be able to cover some of the big periods of filler exp !

Some Extra Tips

  • Avoid town quests that include fishing and cooking if you do not have fish or cooking materials because it will take too long to farm all the materials.
  • Sometimes a town board quest will ask you to kill sheep, bears, or elk(etc…). Only take these quests if the animal is near you. For example, there is a lot of elk in Brightwood but no alligator which means you would have to run a long way to find the alligator. In this case, take the quest and abandon the quest. (this will make it so that you can take another quest in the next town board reset)
  • There is fast travel in this game. You can travel to towns you’ve been to or waypoints you’ve been to. Fast travel requires Azoth which you can gain from doing corrupted portals, main story quests, or randomly get from killing mobs( very rare chance.)
  • Try to get your mining, harvesting, and skinning to level 50 or higher before reaching level 30.
  • Farm about 200 iron ore at the start of the game so you can make iron tools when you reach your first town.

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