Nightingale: Achievements & NPC Locations

Details guide about achievements and NPC locations in Nightingale.

You can find the achievements in Nightingale and how to obtain them, as well as the NPC locations in detail in this guide.

Achievement List and NPC Locations

This guide will show you achievements andNPC locations in the game.

Welcome Home

  • Visit the Abeyance Realm

You should get this finishing the tutorial after entering your new Abeyance Realm.

Site of Power

These sites of power are located in your Abeyance Realm – look at your map to find these sites.

  • They have restricted access unless you are a set gear level.
  • Just follow your active quests to get these. The quests will be similar to this once you hit the required gear level/completed previous sites of power:

100% Achievements

Do these sites in order when your quest is asking you to complete it.

100% Achievements

Ancient Knowledge

  • Complete the Antiquarian Site of Power
  • Gear Score 20

Heavenly Bodies

  • Complete the Astrolabe Site of Power
  • Gear Score 30

Titan of Industry

  • Complete the Provisioner Site of Power
  • Gear Score 40

Sage Wisdom

  • Complete the Herbarium Site of Power
  • Gear Score 50

Doom and Gloom

  • Complete the Gloom Site of Power
  • Gear Score 60

The Call of the Wild

  • Complete the Hunt Site of Power
  • Gear Score 70

If you don’t get the card/achievement, try opening a new Abeyance Realm to see if that helps

Missable Achievements

These three achievements are part of the quests for Nellie Bly, and can be missed if you kill the Sun Giant, Elder Eoten and the Automaton Bishop.

  • Holy Communion
  • The Doctor Is Out
  • Friend of the Grendels

You need to follow the questlines to finish these achievements peacefully.
Do NOT kill these bosses!


  • Craft a Track Legend enchantment and put it on one of your weapons. This makes finding the bosses a lot easier. The recipe for this can be found at an Essence Trader in a Desert/Provisioner Realm
  • Remove weapons from companions or dismiss them – they can fail this achievement for you as they will attack the bosses.If they do attack and aggro the boss, teleport back to respite before killing it!

Holy Communion (Missable)

  • Complete the Quest “Eoten Offering”

Follow story questline from Nelly Bly.

Do NOT kill the boss.

Go to Ludivine Saint-Clair.
You will have to complete 3 separate quests, where you will need to get her:

Quest 1:

  • Slight Curative Potion x3

Quest 2:

  • Cloth x4
  • Cut Gem (Amber) x4
  • Oil (Fen Bass) (Fishing in Swamp – you will need 16 Fen Bass)

Quest 3:

  • You will receive a recipe for Ritual Fabled Meat which you will need to craft and offer to the altar near the Elder Eoten

Do NOT kill the boss.

The Doctor Is Out (Missable)

  • Complete the Quest “Gift for a Gardener”

Follow story questline from Nellie Bly.

Do NOT kill the boss.

Go to Victor Frankenstein (Astrolobe/Desert)

Quest 1: Imitations of Life

Gather Bound Research Samples

  • 0/10 Acquire Arcane Wick
  • 0/10 Acquire Bound Bristle
  • 0/5 Acquire Bound Ichor
  • 0/5 Acquire Ingot (Larcunus)
  • 0/2 Azquire Lumber (Yew)
  • 0/2 Acquire Raw Gem (Petrified Ichor)

Quest 2:


Friend of the Grendels (Missable)

  • Complete the Quest “Redress to the Sun”

Follow story questline from Nellie Bly.

Do NOT kill the boss.

Go to Danu (Gloom/Swamp)


A Safe Haven

  • Visit The Watch

One of the last achievements you will get after the Nellie Bly questline and you go into the portal and arrive at The Watch.

It may not pop straight away – mine didn’t. It ended up popping about half an hour later for me. So don’t panic straight away!

Never Meet Your Heroes

  • Complete the Quest “The Only Way Out Is Through”

This should be your last achievement if you managed to get the missable ones.
Once at The Watch, go into one of those portals and beat the boss at the end.
(This achievement needs confirmation*)

NPC Locations

NPC Locations:

  • Wilhelmina Sasse – Abeyance/ all biomes
  • Aurelio Acevedo Ortega – Antiquarian/Forest (Main quests)
  • Ludivine St Clair – Swamp/Antiquarian (Missable achievement quest)
  • Victor Frankenstein – Astrolobe/Desert (Missable achievement quest)
  • Bass Reeves – Provisoner/Forest (Main quests)
  • Nellie Blye – Herbarium/Desert (Main quests)
  • Danu – Gloom/Swamp (Missable achievement quest)
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