Nightingale: Where to Find Bones and Hide

Details of where to find the Bones and Hide you will need to craft equipment.

To survive in Nightingale, you need to have a lot of equipment, and you must find the items you need to craft these equipment. In this guide, we explained where to find the Bones and Hide you will need to craft equipment.

Bones and Hide Location

In Nightingale, gathering Bones and Hide is crucial for crafting essential tools and equipment necessary for survival. As a Realmwalker, navigating through challenges demands the best gear, weapons, and tools. After completing the Desert Biome tutorial, players venture into the Swamp Biome, tasked with collecting Bones and Hide from Tier 1 Predators. This guide will illuminate the process of locating these vital materials.

How to get Bones and Hide in Nightingale

In Nightingale, securing Bones and Hide is pivotal for crafting a variety of tools and equipment. This can be achieved through two primary methods:

1. Hunting Animals

Nightingale’s wildlife is divided into prey (smaller, less aggressive animals) and predators (larger, aggressive creatures). The type of animal hunted determines the quality and type of resources obtained, including Bones, Hide, and Meat, each varying between prey and predator variants.

During initial tutorial quests, players are tasked with hunting three Tier 1 Predators to collect their Bones and Hide. To harvest these materials, follow these steps:

  • Kill a Tier 1 Predator.
  • Stand over its body with your knife equipped.
  • Look for a green knife icon on your screen.
  • Upon sighting the icon, use your Knife by left-clicking to extract the resources.
  • Repeating this action two to three times will yield the predator’s resources, including Bones and Hide, which can then be collected into your inventory.

2. Trading with NPCs

An alternative method for obtaining Bones and Hide is through trading with NPCs. Essence Traders, scattered throughout the Nightingale realms, offer these resources in exchange for Essence Dust. Specifically, Tier 1 Prey Bones and Hide can be acquired from these traders for 10 Essence Dust.

How to Use Bones in Nightingale

Bones play a vital role in crafting, particularly in creating the Healing Salve early in the game. This consumable item is invaluable for replenishing Health, Rest, and Hunger bars.

To craft a Healing Salve, you will need:

  • 1 Bone
  • 1 Plant Fiber

While the crafting process is straightforward, remember to skin animals to acquire their resources.

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