Nightmare Kart – How to Unlock Mo

Guide about how to unlock Mo in the game.

I will simply explain how to unlock Mo, the most fun and hardest to unlock in the game.

The 4 Criteria Must be Met

To unlock is secret character 4 major criteria must be met in order to obtain them, they are not to challenging to do being

  1. Collect the 3 moon shards
  2. Collect 40/40 insight
  3. Choose the option refuse

(Also do not worry about NG+ as you do not need to go to it to unlock them)

Step 1. The Three Moon Shards

For you to be able to reach the final fight the 3 moon shards must be collected, YOU CANNOT SKIP THIS STEP .

The moon shards location at the 3 major boss fights of the game.

(Note you can replay the level if you have already played the level and missed it)

Level 4

It is found in the boss area so chase father Gregory until he shuts the gate it is found in the corner next to the portal

Level 6

It is can be seen at the very start of the race, you must use the boost pads at the middle to reach the outer ring and grab the shard

The Three Moon Shards

Level 11

Found in the second stage of the nicholash chase, when he enters the purple gate turn around where there will be a side area where the shard can be found

The Three Moon Shards
The Three Moon Shards

Step 2. Get 40 Insight

Getting insight is very easy, complete each level. But depending on how well you did will determine how much you get, so gaining the most is plain and simple:

  • Finish first in every race
  • Get the winning condition of every battle
  • Beat each boss under the 1st place time limit

If you have already played over some levels but did not the required amount of insight you can replay levels to retry (you wont lose save data by replaying levels) levels will also be yellow in the replay menu selection this means you have full completed that level, if white that is the level you need to finish

Step 3. Refuse

Right before the final boss fight you will be given a choice, you must pick refuse

Very simple, if you chose the other option you will not be able to fight the final boss


If your confused by the title of this step, don’t worry this only means during the final boss if you die you must restart and go back to a previous save and redo the final boss.

Tthe reason why is because dying will result in you losing your insight and will not unlock him if you lose any, so GOOD LUCK


If you have followed all the steps (and they worked) you should after the credits roll unlock your prize:


They can be found inside of free play and there kart should also be able to be use on NG+

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