No Man’s Sky New Atlantid Multi-Tools

Upgrade your adventure with No Man's Sky New Atlantid multi-tools. Uncover limitless possibilities as you wield advanced technology in your journey.

Hello from our No Man’s Sky New Atlantid Multi-Tools guide. In this guide we will be trying to shortly explain how you can get your hands on the brand new atlantic multi-tools! This guide is for people who knows the advanced basics of the game, as i do not have enough space to explain every single bit.

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No Man’s Sky How to get New Atlantid Multi-Tools

Welcome to our No Man’s Sky New Atlantid Multi-Tools guide. This guide will show you detailed information about how to get new atlantid multi-tools in the game!

How to Obtain the New Multi-tools!

1. Find a Korvax system in the galaxy map.
2. Locate a ancient monolith in that system. (This can be easily done by using a map from the cartographer, or using a scanner built into a exocraft.)
3. At the monolith you should find a Discordant Interface.(looks like the knowledge stone)
4. Charge the runes using atlantideum.
5. Interact with the monolith, and solve its riddle.
6. After you successfully completed the monolith, return to the discordant interface (it will be marked with a purple outlined monolith sign)
7. Claim your new atlandid Multitool!
Notes: The Multitool’s look will be random, and so is the rarity of it.
You can get atlantid from defeating Corrupted Sentinels, and farming resources found on dissonant planets. WARNING YOU CAN ONLY GET THIS MULTITOOL TYPE IF YOU COMPLETE THE PURGE A TRACE OF METAL AND THE HARMONIC SEAL FROM THE INTERCEPTOR UPDATE!

How to get new atlantid multi-tools in No Man's Sky
Written by Kokusz03

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