No One Survived: Skills and How to Unlock them

Unlock and upgrade skills in No One Survived with our ultimate guide.

In this guide, we will explain all methods that players can use to unlock and upgrade their skills in No One Survived.

How to Unlock Skills in No One Survived

Welcome to our No One Survived Skills and How to Unlock them guide. Skills are an important part of No One Survived as they allow players to craft more items and progress through the game by having better equipment.

To unlock and upgrade skills, players will need to visit traders, use books, or craft items related to that skill. Also, before unlocking and upgrading skills, consider checking out our guide on how to get better weapons in the game.

Unlock Skills via Books or Traders

Here are all skills taught by traders:

TraderSkills OfferedLocation, Coordinates
Maria – Animal TraderTailoring 1-5, Weapon Manufacturing 1-31.723, 889
Hank – Gun TraderMedicine 1-5, Metallurgy 1-3994, 1.098
Maria – Car Repair TraderCooking 1-5, Agriculture 1-3429, 866
Hank – Drawings TraderEngineering 1-5, Tailoring 1-3317, 212
Mike – Animal TraderMetallurgy 1-5, Mechanical 1-3225, 1.702
Sarah – Books TraderWeapon Manufacturing 1-5, Medicine 1-31.250, 1.496
Mike – Armor TraderAgriculture 1-5, Engineering 1-31.818, 1.486
Sarah – Solar Panel TraderMechanical 1-5, Electrification 1-31.244, 624
Hank – Food TraderTailor 1-5, Electrification 1-31.589, 330

Upgrade Skills by Crafting Items

The most common way of upgrading skills is by crafting items that are related to that skill. for instance, to level up electrification, players should craft any items that need the electric skill in general.

Similarly, players can level up metallurgy by crafting items at the furnace.

However, for this method, players will need to be on the crafting menu when the crafting ends to get XP. You can leave and do something else while the item is crafting, but you have to return to the crafting menu a few seconds before the crafting completes to get any XP rewards.

Due to that, unless you’re efficient and careful at timing everything right, the safest way to level up is by crafting a lot of items and staying AFK while at the crafting menu.

Everyone survived - if you follow this guide

Skills can be learned in three ways:

  1. Perform a action, like hitting, shooting, crafting and so on.
  2. Read a book.
  3. Learn from merchants.

When you learn from performing action like crafting, you have to stay in the craftbench to actually get the skill, if you leave it, you won’t get anything. Reading books and learning from merchants will drain your mentality, so stack up on them smokes and wines, need to be a heavy drinker for this stuff..

Use Books to Level Up Skills

Thankfully, there is a method that allows players to level up their skills faster and that’s via books.

I recommend getting the first few levels from the trader and then using a book to level up further in combination with any crafting you normally do.

However, there’s no guaranteed way of getting the book for the specific skill you’re interested in, so this method will require patience and some luck.

Keep searching all around the open world until you find the books you’re looking for.

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