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Nova Drift Achievement Guide

Explore our comprehensive game achievement guide for insights into every accomplishment and tips on how to attain them.

Check out our guide to learn about every achievement in the game and how to get them.

Achievements Guide

They are listed from most difficult to easiest according to the global rankings in this guide.

Achievements that cannot be accomplished in Draft Mode will have “Non-Draft” in the description

[Easiest Way] – For most achievements that have multiple ways to achieve their goal, only the effective one is listed with this prefix.

[Combined W/] – If the conditions for a feat overlap with another in some way and can be done at the same time to save time, other compatible feats may be listed after this prefix.


(Bastion shield detonated dealing burn damage instantly after deployment)

  • [Easiest Way] Bastion Shield + Architect body + Ally + Shielded Constructs + Burnout Reactors

Due to Architect’s body passive and Bastion shield being a construct, the moment your shield is created on the ally, it is detonated immediately

Social Distancing

(Have 75%+ battlefield size)

  • [Easiest Way] Far Sight(x11) + Railgun weapon + Snipe

Can be obtained by taking many of Far Sight, you don’t necessarily need 11 of them since presence of some bosses increases battlefield size, so feel free to use it with Explosive Growth

I Want It All

(Get 250k+ score and have 9 super mods)

  • [Easiest Way] Apotheosis + Ataraxia + Barrage + Deflagration + Last Stand + Mastery + Rancor + Singular Strike + Void Slice

Counts total score, so you can have any build with which you get the score and then get the mods

Ultra Chaos

(Non-Draft; Reach 40lvl choosing only central mod)

Weapon/body/shields doesn’t count as mods

Use rerolls wisely, only if you really don’t need the offered mod

Highly luck-based

Serenity Now

(Non-Draft; Have 40 unspent upgrade points with Ataraxia)

  • [Easiest Way] Salvo weapon + Spectre body

While having Hyperboost, you fully cloak(maximize damage) the moment you have ~16 rockets in reserve, try to fire every time you have ~28 rockets, this way you can maximize Spectre damage bonus and Salvo stockpile generation speed(it generates slower the more rockets you have)

if you get tanky wave 200 bosses like Glaucus, just keep steady and dodge their attacks, utilize weakpoints to kill them faster, like waiting for Scion orbs to be in the position where most rockets can hit the body, shooting Warbringer at the back, etc., screen warp to dodge most of the abilities, if your shield breaks utilize stealth to wait for it to come back, same for the last few levels, which will be the hardest, stay safe and don’t overestimate yourself

You can leave one enemy alive to give yourself some time to restore hull/shields in-between waves

You can also try Swords weapon + Architect body, though it’s powerful it’s also easy to die on on the final levels

  • [In Conjunction W/] Pure of Mod and Body

I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

(Have an Ally limit of 4)

  • Engineer body + Overseer + Bravado + Evolutionary Niche(x9) ( + Ataraxia )

Here’s how you get to the limit of 4: 1 default + 1 from Engineer + 1 from Overseer + 1 from having +100% body gear powers ( which you can get with: multiple Evolutinary Niche(10%), Bravado(15%) and Ataraxia’s 5 points bonus(30%) )

  • [In Conjunction W/] Savor The Void

Chaos Is A Ladder

(Have 56+ Wild mods owned with Discord)

[Easiest Way] Research body + Obsession + Chaotic Ambition

Start with Research, you need to find Obsession early, the idea is to get Chaotic Ambition to help find Revelation, Explosive Growth and Grandeur, banish what you don’t need to get 56 Wild mods owned, if you use Draft Mode, spend about 10 upgrades and if you don’t find Obsession abort the run and restart, if you get lucky you can have 56 wild mods in first 35lvls

  • [In Conjunction W/] Restraining Order


(Defeat Seraph during its charge phase with crash damage using Hullbreaker)

  • [Easiest Way] Hullbreaker body + Strafe + Terminate + Rapid Reconstruction + Hidden Power + Kinetic Boost ( + Phantom Strike + Ataraxia )

If you know how to play Hullbreaker just get Strafe and wait for Seraph’s charge phase, if you don’t then here’s a quick rundown that should be enough to get to and beat Seraph

Because your crash damage is boosted by high speed you want be able to build up speed quick and the best tool for it is Strafe, aim at the enemies and charge with it, usually after you charge at the enemy, whether you landed it or not, there’s no point staying at such high speed so use stabilize(just quicktap will be enough) to slow down, this will be your main attack sequence, better set Strafe and Stabilize to easy to spam buttons as you’ll be using them a lot

You can gain more speed before impact by doing a screen-wrap, say if enemy is in the middle of screen and you’re on the left side, you would Strafe to the left edge of the screen to warp on the right side and hit enemy in the middle while holding thrust to get max speed

Additionally you can multi-screen-wrap to deal insane damage, for this, first rotate ship parallel along vertical or horizontal line then start thrusting and using Strafe to get speed, rotate a little left/right to make ship move along slightly not perpendicular trajectory to slowly line by line get to the target, better if each line covers the space tightly next to previous one or you may overshoot and miss, though it’ll take time to get used to rapidly making a trajectory, adjusting for inertia and hitting moving enemies, but you don’t need it to defeat Seraph, just repeatedly bump it with Strafe and when it’ll be around 20-30% hp wait for charge phase, once it’s charging at you and screen-warped at least once(cause it’s hard to hit it at the start of the charge) just Strafe right at it

You can do both screen-wrap boost tricks diagonally, although it’ll be harder to land as you’ll essentially double screen-wrap at the steep angle

Be aware that it’s better to do multi-screen-wrap at the start of the fight or right after enemy appears since if there’s bullets or high AoE attacks you’ll easily eat up all of them

Take Kinetic Boost cause it basically improves your passive’s damage

You want to take Phantom Strike cause it’ll increase crash damage and while you won’t teleport if you penetrate target, it’ll allow you to reposition if you don’t

You can go for Dying Star if you struggle with smaller enemies, although you’ll need to be precise with last hitting Seraph so that burn won’t accidentally execute it instead when it gets to low health

Choose for yourself whether to use Non-Draft mode for this as it’ll take you relatively same time to get to wave 100 as it would to find Seraph in Draft mode, but if you decide to use Draft, know that you can get most needed mods in first 14 lvls, which means you can have Ataraxia for that juicy 48% regeneration

  • [In Conjunction W/] Ludicrous Speed + Planet Buster

Boop Noodle

(Leviathan body with -35% size)

  • Streamline(10%) + Leaf on the Wind(10%) + Regression(4-24%) ( + Winnow(7%) )

Be a lil snek

Savor The Void

(Get offered 7 Void Upgrades)

  • [Easiest Way] Research body + Evolutionary Niche

Banish most of regular mods and get many Evolutionary Niche without taking Chaotic Ambition, if you don’t get it at initial 35lvls just play bit longer to get levels to exhaust more mods from the pool

  • [In Conjunction W/] I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

Restraining Order

(Have 50%+ total maximum hull and shields reduction from Obsession ( x17 additional mods) )

Get Obsession and keep taking Recursive Wild mods, have fun

If you find Explosive Growth use it on Chaotic Ambition or some mod that you don’t want too many of

  • [In Conjunction W/] Chaos Is A Ladder

Ya Basic

(Non-Draft; Defeat wave 100 boss with starting gear)

  • [Easiest Way] Terminate + Singular Strike + Homing Strike

At Phase One(Burning Orbs) stay right in front of Seraph and don’t go around it to not increase orbs spread area

At Phase Two(Railgun Shots) non-stop circle around Seraph as it rotates alongside you, repeatedly quick-switch from thrusting aiming perpendicularly to get around it and shooting while aiming right at it; low turning speed won’t allow Seraph to catch up and it’ll miss

At Phase Three(Lance Charge) if you see its charging direction align with you, thrust perpendicularly to it to make it miss and just wait for it to stop charging

If after transition from Phase One To Phase Two orbs didn’t created an opening near Seraph for you to go around when it starts shooting(that shouldn’t happen as it’s having a lowest attack timer that scales with wave it is encountered at, starting at 100), try thrusting after Seraph takes aim, if you’ll be at the right speed the moment it takes a shot it’ll miss due to its low rotation speed, you have to wait cause of limited space available to you since if you’ll thrust too much you might fly into the orbs

Seraph spawns with 3 Drones which will shoot 3 bullets initially then 4 thereafter, they’re hard to dodge so eliminate them first

You can ignore Turrets spawned in corners as they’ll only shoot you at the edges of the screen, and will only hit if you’re staying there longer than half a second

If Tesla Mines, Cherubs or Hosts spawn, target them first unless Seraph itself is having lower health

You can disable all difficulty options but don’t use Practice Mode as it disables achievements

Trolley Problem

(Get Cargo Train to last hit you)

  • [Easiest Way] Saturation Fire + Core Shielding + Rapid Reconstruction + Essence Sap

The idea is to get heavy hull self-damage weapon which wouldn’t kill you when you fight enemies(that’s what Essence Sap is here for) and the moment you see the train spawn just damage yourself to get really low then bump into the cargo

Turbo Tortoise

(Have <3.5s Bastion shield cooldown)

  • [Easiest Way] Architect body + Overseer + Support Specialist + Tempest Break + Hidden Power (+ Ataraxia’s 5 points bonus )

The Reason you take Hidden Power is cause it gives 10% shield cooldown

You can use Bravado to slightly boost Architect’s bonus construct assembly speed

Getting Energized Shields doesn’t help as it also reduces construct assembly speed that Bastion’s cooldown is affected by

Efficiency doesn’t affect flat cooldown time so it won’t count

World Serpent

(Reach 70lvl as Leaviathan)

  • [Easiest Way] Leviathan body + Rapid Reconstruction + Blink + Hidden Power ( + Phantom Strike)

To get to the Hidden Power you can take things like Scorching Wake, Force Armor, Rebuke

You should take Phantom Strike whenever possible, it’s really helpful here as it reduces the crash damage, and also makes you appear on the other side and your tail will snap to you, damaging everyone in-between, in case you don’t get lucky you can always go for regular Blink focused crash damage Leviathan

Be careful with Scion’s beam and Bulwark’s retaliation shield, cause they’re pretty much the only things able to take down your full hp bar until 70lvl

  • [In Conjunction W/] This is Fine + Bullet Sponge

It Was At That Moment He Knew…

(Have a shield that pulls enemies inward)

  • Shockwave shield + Polar Inversion


Filled with Determination

(Get 200k+ score after reviving from Last Stand)

  • [Easiest Way] Engineer body + Overseer + Advanced Engineering + Fleet Commander + Evolution + Overpower + Counter Artillery

Get Engineer body and max constructs, set drones to Assault formation for max firerate, switch to Default formation when you want to defend against projectiles, play safe and try to dodge everything, don’t go for every exp orb if it doesn’t look safe, take Blink for mobility

If taking Wild construct specialist mod, consider Drone Specialist > Ally Specialist > Turret Specialist, as drones will die more often while dealing significant damage with Terminal Directive

You can die early to have easier enemy encounters

The Best Defense

(Self-Destruct Bastion shield triggering Volatile Shields, Self Destruction, Tempest Break)

  • Architect body + Ally + Volatile Shields + Self Destruction + Tempest Break

You need to have Auto-Deploy for constructs enabled

A Bold Strategy

(Trigger Retribution from self-damage)

  • [Easiest Way] Retribution + Omni Shield + Antimatter Rounds

Alternatively you can use Omni Shield + Discharge + Gemini Protocol, or any form of self-damage that will inflict huge hull damage

Pure of Mod and Body

(Get 200k+ score with at most 8 mods including Ataraxia)

  • [Easiest Way] Swords weapon + Architect body

This combo is pretty strong by itself so no advanced tactics needed, just remember to not actively use swords on Gyrogun projectiles, cease fire and use it once you’re near an enemy

  • [In Conjunction W/] Serenity Now


(Fire weapon after charging it for 60+ seconds)

  • [Easiest Way] Charged Shot + Engineer body + Fleet Commander + Overpower

Dodge enemy attacks while your constructs do the work, or you can use Thermal Lance + Power Reserves + Strafe to stay mobile while charging

  • [In Conjunction W/] Missile Massacre

Divide by Zero

(Trigger 40 Warp explosions at once)

  • [Easiest Way] Warp shield + Engineer body + Advanced Engineering + Fleet Commander + Overseer + Ally + Turret

You need to have 20 shielded constructs as Warp shield spawns 2 explosions for each warp, max drones will give you 14, Turret 3 and Ally 3 more, or you can get Drone Specialist to get them to 18 and Turret/Ally for 3 more

The Hard Way

(Non-Draft; Destroy Station Omega without breaking any vulnerability points)

During the First Phase(Lasers) just circle around alongside it to not get hit

During the Second Phase(Spheres) stay near edges and screen-wrap whenever you about to get hit by the projectiles to whatever part of the screen which is open at the moment

Beware of weapons with post-hit AoE blast radius like Railgun, which will damage the node even when hitting the body from outside

Sonic Rainboom

(Activate Volatile Shields using Celestial Lance while having Hyperboost)

  • Volatile Shields + Celestial Lance ( + Ataraxia 20 points bonus, to not wait for Hyperboost drop)

Once you have all three of these just hold thrust until your shield breaks and that’ll be it

I Regret Everything

(Die with Omni Shield while having your shield active)

  • [Easiest Way] Omni Shield + Siege Weaponry

Simply fire non-stop once you have some hull self-damage

Still Alive

(Keep turret alive for 4+ minutes)

  • [Easiest Way] Vital Bond + Point Defense ( + Tactical Link if you want extra help)

Just watch out for enemies near your turret, or defend it with drones in Circle formation if you’re using Overseer

Don’t Play Dice with The Universe

(Beat wave 100 boss without using rerolls)

Pick the most usefull(or harmless) mod you get offered and defeat the Seraph

Volatile Projectile

(Trigger Volatile Shields on a Blade Drone)

  • Blade weapon + Volatile Shields + Shielded Constructs

You need to break your shield while it’s on the blade, that’s it

  • [In Conjunction W/] No, You

Ludicrous Speed

(Inflict 25k+ crash damage hit)

  • [Easiest Way] Hullbreaker body

Simply start thrusting in any direction, eventually you’ll hit an enemy, if that didn’t do enough damage try to accumulate more speed or get Improved Thrusters, Kinetic Boost, etc.

  • [In Conjunction W/] Joust + Planet Buster

‘Tis But A Scratch

(Destroy all Warbringer’s components)

You need to attack Warbringer from the front, focus the middle laser first since none of others will hit you when it’s centered on you during the attack, then continue damaging it from the front


(Have 50+ swarm constructs)

  • [Easiest Way] Carrier body + Spontaneous Generation

Generally not hard to get from killing high health enemy while having Spontaneous Generation, you can also use Carrier body

Secret Weapon

(Achieve standard firerate with reflexive shields)

  • Reflexive Shields + Discharge ( + Spread/Torrent weapon )

This achievement requires fairly fast firing weapon, most weapons will do but if you don’t get it try using Spread or Torrent

This is Fine

(Take 6k+ damage from black hole in one game)

  • [Easiest Way] Leviathan body + Rapid Reconstruction

Get Leviathan build with high hull and regeneration and just get sucked by the black hole whenever it appears

If you encounter Scion you can leave it alive for as long as you want so that they’ll spawn black holes for you

  • [In Conjunction W/] World Serpent + Bullet Sponge

No, You

(Reflect an enemy projectile with a weapon construct)

  • [Easiest Way] Blade weapon + Reflect shield + Shielded Constructs

Once you have all three, simply fire your weapon at the enemy projectile

  • [In Conjunction W/] Volatile Projectile

Shock and Awe

(Make Discharge your primary weapon)

  • Discharge + Hidden Power

Hidden Power makes your weapon do nothing but still allows you to fire

Gaze Into The Abyss

(Get offered the Void by exhausting the mod pool)

  • [Easiest Way] Hidden Power + Rapid Reconstruction

Having those two is the fastest way to get The Void since they singlehandedly remove huge chunk of mods from the upgrade pool, so playing any build focused on external powers like Firefly, Leviathan, Hullbreaker should do, though in the end you’ll still need to take 4-6 practically useless mods to get to it

Doesn’t count Evolutionary Niche

Bullet Sponge

(End the game having sustained 12k+ damage)

  • [Easiest Way] Leviathan body + Rapid Reconstruction + Blink

Use Blink to hit enemies with your body

Be careful of Scion’s beam and Bulwark’s retaliation shield

You can track global Damage Taken in Pause screen

  • [In Conjunction W/] World Serpent + This is Fine

Planet Buster

(Deal 30k+ damage in one hit)

  • [Easiest Way] Hullbreaker body + Strafe + Juggernaut + Blitz ( + Hidden Power + Kinetic Boost )

Use Strafe and screen-wrap to gain speed before hitting enemies, this way you can easily get 30k+ hit

  • [In Conjunction W/] Joust + Ludicrous Speed

Missile Massacre

(Fire Salvo with 300+ missiles)

  • [Easiest Way] Engineer body + Fleet Commander + Overpower + Fusillade + Barrage

Hold your stockpile until you get 300+ while your constructs clear enemies for you, once you fire you’ll get an achievements

  • [In Conjunction W/] Steady…Steady…

Shouldn’t Have Been Standing There

(Penetrate 20+ targets with one Railgun projectile)

Just use Railgun, you don’t need that high damage to penetrate low health targets and there’s a lot of enemy waves/formations that’ll consist of many small enemies with which it’s not hard to get this achievements.

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