Octopath Traveler – Side Quests & Secrets

Resource Guide for Side Quests, Secrets and Item Locations This guide is a reference guide to […]

Resource Guide for Side Quests, Secrets and Item Locations

This guide is a reference guide to helpful links on the internet that will help the player discover all the side quests / secrets / item locations / boss weaknesses in the game.

Interactive Map

  • Interactive Map [www.octopathtravelmap.com]

Here’s an interactive map so you can plan your journey and locate all of the hidden sub class job shrines, towns and dungeons.

It also informs you how high the enemies levels are so you’re on the recommended level before entering dangerous areas.

Spread Sheet: All Information

  • Octopath Spreadsheet[docs.google.com]

This spreadsheet details in point form where to find all the weapons / armour / accessories in the game as well as the locations and solutions of all main / side quests in the game.

It shows all of the NPC’s you can battle in different towns using H’annit or Olberic and their potential drops, they drop some of the best gear in the game and the drop rates are abysmally low so be warned.

It also spoils all of the boss weaknesses in the game including the final bosses and has detailed information of every Job’s special ability unlocks so you can plan which skills you’d like to unlock first.

The spread sheet is available for download.

An Ultimate resource.

XP + JP Farming Tips

  • Double XP + JP Acessories[gameranx.com]
  • XP + JP Farming Tips[gameranx.com]

Essentially this article details how to obtain the double XP + JP accessories.

Only one person in your active party has to have them equipped and everyone will benefit.

You must finish Olberic and Ophelia’s main story to obtain both of these accessories.

Early Best Weapons Guide

Find Powerful Weapons Early[www.gameskinny.com]

This will detail how to get some really good weapons early on in your adventure. The Golden Axe being one of the most powerful weapons until the late-mid game.

How to beat Managarmr Easily

This will take a bit of know how and specific items to accomplish but this is one of the hardest fights in the game if you prolong his defeat. The quicker you dispatch this boss the better off you are. This is the fastest way I’ve seen him killed.

You’ll need the Double Tomahawk weapon equipped on someone to break his defence quickly. This weapon attacks twice for every single hit. If you boost someone to level 4 using your BP, you’ll attack 8 times with it. [Kind of like FF6’s Genji Glove + Offering / Bushido Scroll relics.]

Tressa will need to sub class Sorcerer and have some specific wind magic boosting weapons that only she can weld together.

Primeval Bow of Storm
Tradewinds Spear

Both these weapons increase Wind Damage and only Tressa can equip them both with her main job and Sorcerer subbed.

You’ll also need some heavy Sorcerer skills like Elemental Aid and Augmented Elements to reach the damage numbers. There’s also a very rare accessory called Elemental Augmentor that give you an extra 100 magic attack per equip, there are only 3 of these found/earned in the game.

Again this isn’t the only way to beat him, merely a suggestion. You won’t be able to set your party up like this until the end game any way. All characters chapters will have to be completed and you’ll be ready to go against the true final boss.

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