Omega Strikers Kai Builds

Welcome to the Omega Strikers Kai Builds guides. In this topic, we shared Kai’s goalie and forward builds with you. You can find all the builds below.

Omega Strikers Kai Builds

You can have two builds for Kai a Goalkeeper build and a Forward build. Although you can use Kai in both Forward and Goalkeeping, we recommend using him as a Goalie to get the maximum out of his Barrage capabilities. As standard Builds, you can equip him with  Super Surge and Rapid Fire and use extra special or Built Differently as the third builds.

Kai is often played as a frontline/midfield character, however he is very effective as a goalie if you are on a high skill level. The main advantage of Kai as a goalie is the fact that the long ranged skills can still hit both the enemies and the ball while you stay at your goal and defend for your team.

Omega Strikers Kai Builds
Omega Strikers Kai Builds

How to Play Kai Goalie

The core gameplay when you’re playing Kai on the goal is knowing the right time to use your skills. You’ll want to use your skills only when the ball is on the enemy’s side of the field, so they don’t interrupt you when defending. Following this concept, we can divide the gameplay in two parts: defending and sniping.

Defending: When the ball is on your side of the field, you should focus on using your basic attack and positioning yourself on the correct place. You should always aim to throw the ball away from the enemy players while defending, not only because that is the optimal way to play the game in general but also because you don’t have any defensive skills.

Whenever you see yourself in a hard spot, use the movement skill (spacebar) to quickly reposition yourself.

Sniping: When the ball is on the enemy’s side of the field, that is the time to do the sniping. Kai has two offensive abilities and both have a really long range, Barrage and Giga Blast.

Barrage should be used to contest the ball whenever there are many players spamming their skills on it. Since Barrage fires multiple shots, it can ensure that by the end of the contest, the ball goes further into the enemy’s side of the field, allowing your team mates to follow up on the attack.

Giga Blast has a longer range and should be used in two situations: to snipe the enemies and to snipe the ball. Whenever an enemy is on the edge of the field, you can use Giga Blast to push them off the field, given the correct angle. Furthermore, you can snipe enemies with Giga Blast to briefly stun then and assist your team mates. The second situation is a bit more tricky and requires more skill, that is sniping the ball. If you manage to aim correctly, you can snipe the ball with Giga Blast, and if you do it in the correct angle to hit the enemy’s goal, it usually is a great way to score because it is very unexpected and fast.

Kai Goalie Pros and Cons


  • + You can stay at the goal at all times while still hitting both the enemies and the ball from afar;
  • + Giga Blast does a lot of damage and pushes the ball forward with very high speed;
  • + Barrage is great for contesting the ball, ensuring that it goes away from your goal.


  • – No defensive skills, requiring that you manage your positioning very well;
  • – Barrage is very dependant on follow up from your team mates since it slow down the ball;
  • – Hitting the ball with Giga Blast requires a lot of practice.

Conclusion: In conclusion, Kai is a great character to play at the goal if you can manage your positioning and practice enough your sniping abilities. He is somewhat dependant on team mates, but you can still carry a game if your skill level is very high with him. The key here is to understand the character and act according to the situation.

Best Kai Forward Build

Kai is best played up front as a forward, harassing the goalie and sinking goals. Super Surge increases his movement speed from Blazing Pace, letting you zip around the arena. Rapid Fire ensures your Barrage is constantly ready, as it is one of your best scoring tools. Finally, Extra Special keeps your knockout and sniping tool online more often.

  • Super Surge
    • Movement abilities hit 20% harder. Dashes and blinks gain 50% travel range. Hastes are 50% faster.
  • Rapid Fire
    • Primary ability cooldown reduced by 12%. Increases to 25% at max level.
  • Extra Special
    • Special ability cooldown reduced by 15%. Starting a new round reduces its remaining cooldown by 15s.

Best Kai Goalie Build

Kai’s kit seems offense-oriented, but he is quite effective as a goalkeeper. His projectile abilities allow him to play as a long-range goaltender, especially with Rapid Fire equipped, as Barrage is an excellent defensive tool. Built Differently gives Kai a slight increase in size so he can cover the goal better. Combining this with Super Surge makes him a formidable wall that can move quickly.

  • Rapid Fire
    • Primary ability cooldown reduced by 12%. Increases to 25% at max level.
  • Built Differently
    • Gain 35% and hit 5% harder.
  • Super Surge
    • Movement abilities hit 20% harder. Dashes and blinks gain 50% travel range. Hastes are 50% faster.

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