Ornament Express Walkthrough Achievements Guide

Investigate strange oddities on the Ornament Express, where you’re hired to save your client’s belongings from an eccentric thief and his train of stolen artifacts. Explore a locker of wonders along the train, visit wacky puzzles, cars with more bizarre objects, and find hidden secrets. Check out our Ornament Express Walkthrough Achievements guide, which will give you the knowledge and achievements you need for this adventure.

Ornament Express Walkthrough Achievements Guide

Welcome to our Ornament Express Walkthrough Achievements Guide. This walkthrough will show you achievements in game!

Walkthrough and Achievements

πŸ† Grab Novice

  • Grab 50 items.

πŸ† Grab Pro

  • Grab 100 items.

πŸ† Grab Master

  • Grab 200 items.

Simple as that


Feed the plant with every food, chalk, whiteboard eraser and music disc.

πŸ† Balanced Diet

  • Feed the plant everything it can eat.

Use the train lever.

πŸ† Choo Choo!

  • What does this handle do?

Pet the dogs on the lobby

πŸ† Pet the dog

  • The bestest boy.

And change the music disc one time here.
Open all drawers here.

First Playthrough

Pull the lever

πŸ† Case Opened

  • Start your journey to find the missing piece.

Here there’s three music disc for

πŸ† DJ

  • Listen to all the tracks.

Take sword and break everything.

πŸ† Anger Issues


Put code 666

πŸ† The funny number

  • Which one is it?

Take pears behind whiteboard and use the candle on it

πŸ† When Pears Explode

  • Watch out! Flammable Fruits!

Use key on bird cage and put every elephants on his position.
Take two birds and make them kiss each others.

πŸ† Love Birds

  • *Kissy Noises*

Take one of the bouncy balls, and use a book for make them bounce twice and land in the scale.

πŸ† Scale Shot

  • Make a trick shot with a bouncy ball, bouncing twice and landing in the scale.

Take the pipe, turn on with the candle and put in your mouth
Then take the hat and put in your head.

πŸ† Sherlock’d

  • Put on the full outfit.

Take the eye bottle, go to the drawer with eyes and put every eye on the bottle

πŸ† Biblically Accurate

  • Do Not Be Afraid… of the googly eyes.

Look the map and put one pin on netherlands

πŸ† Home Base

  • Made by BUas Students in the Netherlands!.

Take the eye bottle and put into the briefcase on the beggining.
Before you leave make sure that every drawer is open

  • Use 235 on the door
  • Go through the doors
  • Open every drawer here for

πŸ† Rummager

  • Open ALL drawers.

At the end take the phone and hang up
Take the phone again

πŸ† You’re breaking up..!

  • Interrupt the Thief.

πŸ† Case Closed

  • Finish the game and delivered the missing item.

Second Playthrough

  • Pull the lever
  • Go to the door and put 235
  • Take the phone

πŸ† Case Closed ?..

  • Finish the game, but something is missing…
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