Outward – Bow How to Get?

The bow in Outward is useful even if you fight mostly in close combat. Thanks to this, you can kill enemies from a distance, or weaken them before you start fighting at close range – this is especially useful when your character has weak weapons. The Simple Bow can be bought from an arms dealer in Cierzo, but you can also get it for free. On this page, you will learn where to find the Simple Bow at the beginning of Outward.

How to get the bow?

  • Simple Bow is located in an area located in the north-western part of Chersonese.

To get the free bow, you need to go to a location called the Blister Burrow, located in the north-western part of Chersonese. Leave the city of Cierzo, and then follow this direction using the road.

  • When you leave the city, follow the road in the north-west direction, until you get to the above-mentioned fork in the road.

After a while, you will reach the fork. The road with wooden towers leads to the camp of bandits, and the road of semicircular structures leads to the Blister Burrow.

  • Then follow the road with wooden structures – after a while, you will notice the entrance to the site.

Heading down the road in the mentioned wooden structures, you will quickly notice that the entrance to the Blister Burrow. The door of the location is located under the destroyed statue.

  • You’ll find the bow you’re looking for near the corpse.

Inside, immediately after entering the location, you will see the corpse – in them, you will find Simple Bow that deals 23 damage.

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  1. This is wrong, the corpse has random loot on it just like all others. Best way to get a boy is find a bow bandit and kill them for it.

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