Outward – Tending the Flame Walkthrough

Tending the Flame Walkthrough

This quest can be received three days after joining the faction. Your journal log will automatically update – first go to Cyrene in the Levant. This NPC resides at the entrance to the main building of the city. After the conversation you have to make a trip to Berg, that is, to the city in the country of Enmerkar Forest. There go to the central building called Blue Chamber and talk to Cyrene again.

Exploration of Necropolis

Your next goal is to get to the Necropolis. The entrance is nearby. All you have to do is jump off the platform where the characters are. Get inside and move towards the path. After a while two bandits will occur. They are not tough opponents, so you will defeat them without any problems.

In the Necropolis you need to find notes pointing to the next target. They appear at the entrance after you kill the bandits. Read the notes lying on the ground to update the log.

Murdering the bandits from the camp

The final objective of the quest is to kill two bandits who reside at Bandit Camp, that is, in the southern part of Enmerkar Forest – the place was marked on the map above. These bandits are poorly armed, so they’re quite easy target to kill. Get inside the building in the camp and get rid of enemies.

Obsidian Elemental located in the outer part of the camp can be a much bigger problem for you. You can avoid this monstrosity by quickly going to the house to kill the bandits and escape from the site. However, if you want to fight with him, be sure to grab a large amount of potions. Try to avoid most of its attacks because the creature deals fire damage and may put a burning status on your character.

After killing the bandits, you can return to Levant and talk to Cyrene. Thus you have completed the mission of Tending the Flame.

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