Overcooked 2 Characters (Abilities & Unlock Chefs)

Overcooked 2

This guide compilates all Chefs of Overcooked! 2 and all its DLCs, along with short explanations about how to unlock each of them. In this topic you can find all the information about Overcooked 2 Characters Abilities and Unlock Chefs.

Overcooked 2 Characters Abilities and Unlock Chefs

You can get new chefs through four different ways:

  1. Just buying Overcooked! 2, when some basic chefs are automatically unlocked.
  2. Acquiring some DLCs of the game, which automatically grants you some additional chefs.
  3. Completing some levels of the game or its DLCs.
  4. Achieving some special difficult conditions.

Overcooked 2 All Chefs and How to Unlock Them

In the next tables, you can see all the 54 chefs of Overcooked! 2, their names and the way of obtaining them. The DLC names have been shorten following this:

  • TMC – Too Many Cooks PACK.
  • SNT – Surf ‘n’ Turf DLC.
  • KCC – Kevin’s Christmas Cracker DLC. (This content is free)
  • CNY – Chinese New Year DLC. (This content is free)
  • CCO – Campfire Cook Off DLC.
  • AAS – All at Sea PACK. (This content is free)
  • NHH – Night of the Hangry Horde DLC.
  • COC – Carnival of Chaos DLC.

Overcooked 2 Human Chefs

Overcooked 2 Characters Human Chefs
Overcooked 2 Characters Human Chefs

Overcooked 2 Animal Chefs

 Overcooked 2 Characters Animal Chefs
Overcooked 2 Characters Animal Chefs

Overcooked 2 Fantastic Chefs

Overcooked 2 Characters Fantastic Chefs
Overcooked 2 Characters Fantastic Chefs

About the Overcooked 2 Game

Overcooked 2 (stylised as Overcooked! 2) is a cooperative cooking simulation computer game developed by Team17 together with Ghost Town Games, and released by Team17. The follow up to Overcooked!, it was released for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on August 7, 2018. Overcooked: All You Can Eat, a collection video game that consists of both Overcooked and Overcooked 2, was released for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Overcooked 2 Gameplay

In the cooking simulator video game Overcooked 2, groups of up to four gamers cooperatively prepare and prepare orders in ridiculous restaurants.Players collect, chop, and cook active ingredients, integrate them on plates, serve meals, and wash meals. Between collaborating short orders and bumping into each other’s characters, the video game tends to overwhelm. The sequel develops atop the original game, which was launched in 2016, with brand-new interactive levels, restaurant styles, chef costumes, and dishes.

Some levels have moving floors and other barriers that make complex the cooking procedure, consisting of portals, moving walkways, and impassable fires. Other levels shift between settings and dishes, such as one that begins with preparing salads in a hot air balloon and ends crashlanded in a sushi kitchen area. The sequel introduces component tossing, such that gamers can toss items to another chef or pot from far away, and online multiplayer, in which groups can link either throughout a local cordless network or through online matchmaking.

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