Overkills The Walking Dead – Beginner Guide

COMMONER Every characters have unique skill and do more dmg with their lovely gun such as […]

  • Every characters have unique skill and do more dmg with their lovely gun such as grant with sniper so use them wisely some run longer than others
  • Run and stamina for hit not same so dont need to scare to hit and cant run
  • Zombies max spawn around 65 for 2 players for for 94 or more


  1. Op sniper revolver quarterstaff[for me this is best melee in-game cos it can hit multiple target ez and crownd control]
  2. Faster hp regeneration 25% per skill but still slower than maya max skill
  3. Have 4 hp bar max all skill 8 bar
  4. Molotov = do dmg wide area, slow zombie, when molotove explode zombie that get hit will stun a bit around 1-3s
  5. Mark for death = tag enemy and make them get 20% more dmg [no cooldown] [this is the most useful unique skill i think]
  1. Run slowest ez to tired after run
  2. He just slow poke that only stand bh other lol he just balance he nvr have a real op thing
  3. Backpack only 25 more capa per skill

Molotov waste so much material
[ps. for this grandpa ppl always forget that u need to hold V to use skill not just tap V]


1.op shotgun pistol baseball [2nd worst melee charge 2nd hit rly hard to hs lol]
2.highest stamina for combat
3.highest hp start with 5 hp bar max with 10 bar [WTF this tanky]
4.flashbang= stun enemy [bad thing with flash= material waster ]
5.toughen up = after get hit reduce incoming dmg for some time [have cooldown]
6. faster stamina regen too

1.hp slow regen
2.backpack only 25 more capa per skill

1.op Xbow[crossbow XD] pistol pickaxe [this melee is good eziest to hs and deal more dmg to armor]
2.the usain bolt run fastest and run longest [highest running stamina]
3.craft fastest 60% when u up all skill others only 40%
4.smoke nade = hide in smoke higher chance to dodge bullet and zombie hate ur smell so they wont atk u in smoke [def push zombie to smoke making them look more stupid XD]
5.trust ur instinct [forget name again] = c every collectible around u [have cooldown]
6.more backpack space for pick supply 50 and 50 skill
1.low hp start with 3 hp bar [both woman] max hp only 7 bar when max
2.slow hp regen but faster aidan
3.passive skill just useless lol it useful when u new to map or want to find some but range quite short

THE Asian Valuable /Dallas asian female ver. /Maya

1.op smg revolver machete [same as pickaxe but no additional dmg for hit armor. Just common weapon lol]
2.fastest hp regen
3.have high stamina both run and combat
4.TOOOOOOOO fast stamina regen
5.backpack 50 and 25 more capa per skill
6.MEDIC BAG= bag with med kit [idk if it restore time u down? let me check]
7.Triage = just revive faster and make the 1 u revive gain more hp after being revived

1.low hp same as heather
2.both of her skill cant make her survive. so to play her need ur friends or UR skill if noob u can die too ez with her

for teamwork skill IF 1 of ur friend down
smoke or flash then let maya revive for more profit cos this game no xp from revive lol

why man in this game let the girl carry everything they found lol
why everyone bully grandpa make him walk slow and slow stamina regen


1.when in defense ur 1st priority is be safe and repair lovely fragile door so kill all zombie not ur obj
try shove cos it can give u a chance that can save u from dying or out of time
2.every zombie need headshot and only headshot can kill them just 1HS to kill [sometimes 2 hs XD]
except fatty bloater just 1.run in and step back or 2. push and step back
if 1.it will flinch a sec then he c a ground calling him and let the body hit the floor
2. it will down faster but good thing is u can control where it explode [u need to be fast too]
3.armor zombie just hs till helmet off and hs again [same as dozer in pd2]4. the think u should know to save ur little life is when being grabbed 2 option wat u should do between HIT OR SHOVE

HIT give u a chance to not lose hp [hp always regen unless the bar is empty so make sure to not lose health bar ] it up 2 ur luck if i count not wrong in normal 6 hit still not lose hp more than bar but if in OVK diff don’t do it pls. if u succeed kill the zombie other zombie will be pused away.
CAUTION if other zombie approach u when being grabbed = instant down

SHOVE u lose 1/2[OVK diff] bars. all zombie is push away and give u a chance to survive. if u have last health bar just shove cos u will survive 100%


when running and stuck at hordeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
shove from the edge zombie horde ir ezier to run and control zombie

if there’s still more or i rmb i add more


1. hide in cover and shoot LOL most of them is stupid as raid ww2 soldier but dmg from them is cryable

idk wat to say more about them LOL just how u play pd2 DS 1D


Defense Zombie
1. shove is key to repair
2.most useful item for this is flash or smoke so who play aidan and heather must be the slave that repair door fast as they can
3.the defensive obstacle or weapon for me best for Z kill is scrap cannon
wire just slow them barrel 1 use only trap too slow barrier= for watttttttttttttt
4.if u c someone lure the Z just repair the door
Defense Human 
1. and only how u deal with safe house raid DS 1D
2.u need flash and dallas[medic bag] to save urOBJ 

1.for zombie = kill them all except horde cos this game i think zombie limits is around 65 so just let 65 alove so u can do things ezier
2. human = stealth till loud and repeat 1. humanoid
3.the item u bring 1.lockpick this thing only for ammo that u can find them so ez so if u have others use them
2.-5. same purpose unlock savage[get stuff]
2.power kit for savage electronic and disable alarm
3.wire cutter. savage wire and open da way and cut some trap [trip trap]
4.chem kit savage and unlock only [i nvr c other purpose for this shhhhhhhh]
5.mechanic kit savage mechanic thing and disable trap that sometimes just hit that bear trap for activate it
4. sound is important just check the top it will show how loud u r if lv3 have fun with tons of zombie
5.beware trap
Type of em 
1.make sound
1.1make sound so zombir or human will come [the bottle trip]
1.2trip again but the sound is too loud i need to find the megaphone
1.3 same and 1.1 but it hanging on the ceiling
1.4. red car alarm some car can loot but car with red light will alarm if loot cant deactivate unless power kit
2.kill/dmg u
2.1 trip then molotov no sound made
2.2 trip and BOOM dynamite sure sound
2.3 the barrellllllll u can shoot to make it boom but human can too if not have sound will it call explode
2.4.trip and gunshot dmg
2.5 bear trap [can hit with melee to activate it]
6.loot everything u c some map have survivor and box for gun or mod so be greedy XD
7.most of the obj map have a box that need to be unlock for mod / gun so listen to others pls

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