Overkills TWD – Weapon-Mod Cases Spawn Locations

Hell or High Water

  • A little bit further from the start of the mission, behind the first left garage.

  • After the gate has been opened, in the bushes before the first outpost of the family.

  • On the right side just before the family first outpost.

  • In the eatery which is left side from the first outpost, just before an entrance.(Entrance is on the other side, the side we’re entering from the start is an emergency exit.

  • In the right cage with Walkers, in the first family outpost.

  • In the cafe(the one thats located between first and second Family outpost).

  • In the bathroom at the house after first Family outpost.

  • On the roof of the house after first Family outpost.

  • In the garden after the second Family outpost, near the Ladder Shortcut

  • In the house after the second Family outpost, the one before the Laundry.

  • In the laundry near the left back entrance.

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