PAC-MAN WORLD Re-PAC Jackpot Achievement Guide

Welcome to our PAC-MAN WORLD Re-PAC Jackpot Achievement Guide. This guide will show you the combination of easy Jackpots.

PAC-MAN WORLD Re-PAC Jackpot Achievement Guide

The combination for easy Jackpots!


  • Left 6 CHERRY
  • center 4 LEMON
  • Right 4 CHERRY

Count these and you’ll always hit the Galaxian.


When PAC-MAN went home for his birthday, he found the Ghosts kidnapped his family and friends and ruined his party! PAC-MAN is on his way to Ghost Island to save them!

• PAC-MAN WORLD Re-PAC, with its improved user interface, polished mechanics and reworked visuals, is now a modernized classic!
• Evade ghosts, solve environmental puzzles, rescue your PAC-DAS and discover even more in this platform-adventure mix!
• Use your abilities like Butt-Bounce, Rev-Roll, Hover-Jump and PAC-DOT attack to finally face TOC-MAN!
• Play through a collection of 3D mazes in MAZE MODE! Complete QUEST MODE to play the original PAC-MAN game in ORIGINAL MODE!


  • Pac-Man’s pose on the box art of Re-Pac is based on the original game’s cover (with him punching while running), though it is angled differently. Blinky’s pose on the cover mimics a stock artwork pose.
  • This is the first entry in the Pac-Man World series to be developed by a Japanese-based studio, as all previous entries in the series were handled by Western-based studios.
  • Some of Pac-Man’s idle animations in Pac-Man World Re-Pac are present in Pac-Man Museum +, though they are unused.
  • This was originally the first evidence of Pac-Man World Re-Pac content being released publicly, with the announcement of Re-Pac coming out exactly one month following Pac-Man Museum +’s release.
  • Coincidentally, Now Production, the studio that developed Pac-Man Museum +, also developed Pac-Man World Re-Pac.
  • Bandai Namco has stated that the game’s production, at least partially, was influenced by fan feedback; with a new Pac-Man World title being frequently requested by fans for many years, prior to Re-Pac’s announcement.
  • In the United Kingdom, the physical version of Re-Pac is exclusive to the retailer “GAME”.[6] The American and Japanese versions’ physical releases are not exclusive to any locations.

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