Pacifish How to Exploit Casino

Welcome to our Pacifish How to Exploit Casino guide. A guide on how to spend less money on the Casino slots and match games.

Pacifish How to Exploit Casino

The only casino you can cheat money out of!

Exploiting the Casino

When using betting on Slots and Match at the casino you can pay less for each bet by exploiting a bug in how the auto-buy of tokens works.

Auto-buy of tokens will buy as many tokens as necessary but only use the tokens it buys.
It will not use the tokens already in your possession.
This works when doing it manually as well as when auto-spin / auto-pick is enabled.

Let’s say you can bet 15 tokens for the slots as shown below.

Pacifish How to Exploit Casino
Pacifish How to Exploit Casino

If you possess a total 14 tokens, auto-buy will only buy and use 1 token when betting.
You will still have 14 tokens after the bet is done.

How to Exploit Casino
How to Exploit Casino

The same applies to the Match game Where you can bet 10 or 100 tokens.
Here you should have 9 or 99 tokens respectively.

How to Exploit Casino
How to Exploit Casino

Auto-buy buying a bunch of tokens for betting on the match game.

Auto-buy buying a single token for betting on the match game.


Keep in mind that this method easily breaks if you receive any tokens.
Other than from winning tokens at the slots or match game you are betting on, you can also receive tokens from swimming and fishing items from the “other” category.

About Pacifish Game

Pacifish is an incremental fishing management game with several mechanics to interact with and improve. It can be played both idly, or more actively to progress faster.

  • Fish – Acquire and equip poles and tackle to fish in 6 unlockable areas.
  • Fight – Disturbing the waters causes both the fish and the materials to fight back. Earn pixels to improve fighting stats.
  • Hatch – Set up and upgrade incubators to hatch large quantities of fish.
  • Eat – Consume those large quantities to improve stats such as fishing speed and fight stats.
  • Swim – Manually take control of a fish to eat other fish and gain resources.
  • Gamble – Spend your earned coin to play slots, or test your memory in a match game.
  • Craft – Use materials to craft new poles and tackle, as well as create mods to alter pole stats.

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