Paleo Pines Resource Locations Stone, Wood, Fiber

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Paleo Pines Harvesting Guide

Welcome to our Paleo Pines Harvesting Guide. This guide will show you detailed information about harvesting in the game!

Resource Locations Stone, Wood, Fiber

I noticed many people ask where to find more resources after their ranch had worn out. Well, I have tracked the locations where each of the three main resources respawns. Note, not all of the resources respawn daily. In general it will take about 2-3 days for every single one of them to respawn, but if you come back the day after or so, you will still find at least one or two of the objects to harvest from. So, it is most efficient to wait a few days in-between before going on ‘resource runs’ again. That being said, here is where each renewing resource is.

Stone Locations

Harvesting Hotspots

Stone is found in Veridian Valley on this beach by the river. You will find several rocks here as they respawn each passing day. I went here the first time to see if the rocks respawned and got two stacks of 99 from what my Pachy’s stamina could handle. So, it is definitely a very abundant source of stone. There is also a large dreamstone behind a bundle of boulders when you first come here.

Wood (and Forest Wood) Locations

Harvesting Hotspots

Wood is found primarily in Dapplewood (shocker), and comes in two forms: Regular wood and Forest wood. There are at least 5-6 logs in the center of Dapplewood that respawn frequently, you will see up to 3 near Granny’s house and an additional 3 near the Stegosaurus’. Two forest logs can be found past the giant log blocking the Therizinosaurus and T-Rex area, and an extra two logs can be found in the pit to the east. However, this pit will occasionally be flooded under a number of conditions, such as if it rained that day or the day before or if it is Triassea season.

Jurassos has the chance of ‘hot sunny’ days, which will guarantee the pit is not flooded. I wouldn’t recommend routing these logs into your trip just because there’s a chance the pit will be flooded and you could’ve wasted time getting there, but if it’s Jurassos, you’ll have a better chance of reaching them.

Update: There is a spot almost directly north of Marlo’s house blocked by a boulder. In Triassea, Pinacosaurus will spawn here. Three additional respawning forest logs will also become available once this boulder is broken.

Fiber (and Sandstone) Locations

Harvesting Hotspots

Fiber bushes respawn in this part of Ariacotta Canyon (you will need a Slasher dinosaur to access them). This is also where Pinacosaurus spawns. As for Sandstone, there will be respawning rocks on the uppermost pathway in this 3-way junction. You will also see fiber scattered all over the western dunes, especially on windy days, but of course slashing the bushes gives much more fiber than picking up scraps on the sand.

Happy Harvesting!

I think a few should’ve been swapped around (why does the desert with its own signature rock type get fiber when Dapplewood gets its signature wood and regular wood-), but it’s nice to know there are various hot spots for resources and we aren’t just screwed once we run out of ranch obstacles. Good luck gathering!

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