Palia Eyeless Minnow Location

Details of the exact location of the fish and what it can be used for.

One of the fish you can catch in Palia is the highly sought-after fish: Eyeless Minnow. In this guide, we told you how to catch it, where to find it and detailed tips about this fish.

How to find Eyeless Minnow

The Eyeless Minnow is a species native to Bahari Bay. From Kilima Village, head towards the eastern border of the map between Maji’s Hollow and the Whispering Banks to find this prized catch. The exact location is depicted in the image above.

Navigating to Bahari Bay, locate Pavel Mines on your map. These mines house caves with minerals, treasure chests, and a fishing pond. To reach them, proceed beneath and between the Flooded Fortress and the Ancient Aqueduct. Once in Bahari Bay, head left to find Hodari and Najuma’s house; Pavel Mines lie directly northwest from there. Although there are multiple entrances to the mines, the most direct route to the fishing pond is by hugging the left wall upon entry.

Inside the mines, follow the path to the first opening. Take the first right turn and descend the staircase. Then, make a left to discover the flowing stream and the pond, where rare and uncommon fish, including the Eyeless Minnow, can be found. Consider clearing your inventory or upgrading your backpack for additional slots before fishing.

Catching the Eyeless Minnow

The Eyeless Minnow is a common catch that doesn’t require a specific rod or bait. Regardless of the time of day, players can find this fish in the Pavel Mines. Even without visible signs like ripples or jumping fish, casting your line into the water may yield an Eyeless Minnow.

Upon hooking the fish, wait for the fourth tug before reeling it in. Exercise caution to prevent the fish from escaping, and once successful, the fish will be added to your inventory.

Utilizing the Eyeless Minnow

Upon acquisition, players have the option to sell the Eyeless Minnow for 20 gold each, or 30 gold if it boasts star quality. While individual earnings may seem modest, accumulating a substantial stock of Eyeless Minnows can yield significant returns.

Alternatively, Eyeless Minnows can be used in cooking recipes such as fish stew or grilled fish, which boost focus when consumed. Keeping a few in inventory proves beneficial as they are frequently requested by villagers like Einar, often found at Fisherman’s Lagoon. Fulfilling such requests enhances friendship levels with villagers.

Moreover, Eyeless Minnows can serve as decorative items within your home. Placing them on tabletops or counters adds a touch of aesthetic charm, provided there’s ample room available.

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