Palworld Black Screen Error

Palworld: Black Screen Error (FIXED)

Fix Palworld black screen error for Steam and Xbox with our guide. Solutions apply to both platforms.

We’ve explained how to fix the black screen error that many Palworld players encounter. In fact, the solution can be considered the same for both Steam and Xbox.

How to Fix Black Screen in Palworld

When you first launch Palworld, many users have reported getting stuck on a black screen after a 5-10 second display. Despite the game developers releasing a small update to address this black screen issue, some users are still facing the same problem. Here, we’ll walk you through the solution for the black screen error on Steam and Xbox PC.

Solutions for Steam

For Steam users experiencing this issue, the solution is to close Steam completely by selecting “Quit Steam” and then reopen it as an administrator. Many Steam users who followed these steps solved the Palword Black Screen error.

Xbox Solution

  1. Completely close the Xbox app on PC.
  2. Sign out of your Microsoft Xbox account.
  3. Then run your Xbox PC app as administrator and grant permission.
  4. Log in to your account again and run the game.
  5. Congratulations, you solved the black screen problem!

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