Palworld Optimal World Settings

Discover the optimal settings for the best world in Palworld with detailed information provided in our comprehensive guide for an enriched gaming experience.

You can learn what settings you need for the best world in Palworld from the detailed information in our guide.

Optimal World Settings

Embark on your Palworld journey fully equipped with the knowledge to customize your gaming experience through optimal world settings. Whether you’re a beginner seeking a gentle introduction, a standard player looking for a balanced adventure, or a veteran craving the ultimate challenge, this guide provides a comprehensive overview of world settings and recommended configurations for each playstyle.

Best World Settings

  • Dive into the world settings menu and discover the plethora of options available to tailor your Palworld adventure.

Survival Games – Best for Beginners:

OptionRecommended Setting
EXP Rate2
Damage from Pals Multiplier0.3
Pal Capture Rate2
Damage from Player Multiplier2
Damage to Player Multiplier0.5
Player Hunger Depletion Rate0.3
Player Stamina Depletion Rate0.3
Dropped Items Multiplier2
(h) to Incubate Massive Egg24
Enable Raid EventsDisable
Survival Games Settings
  • Newcomers to survival games should opt for the Casual difficulty setting to ease into the Palworld experience.
  • Adjust settings slightly for an optimized beginner-friendly journey.

Standard Experience – A Balanced Approach:

OptionRecommended Setting
Pal Appearance Rate2
Death PenaltyDrop all Items except Equipment
Standard Experience Settings
  • Embrace the game’s recommended settings for a standard gaming experience.
  • Enjoy the freedom to tweak a few settings to personalize your adventure without compromising the intended balance.

For Veterans – Unleash the Challenge:

OptionRecommended Setting
Pal Appearance Rate2
Damage to Pals0.8
Dropped Items Multiplier1
Gatherable Objects Respawn Interval2
For Veterans Settings
  • Veterans and seasoned players can embrace the highest difficulty setting for a more challenging in-game experience.
  • Customize settings for an even tougher yet rewarding adventure, as outlined in the recommended table.

All World Settings

Your Custom Playground:

Day Time Speed111
Night Time Speed111
EXP Rate210.5
Pal Capture Rate211
Pal Appearance Rate111
Damage from Pals Multiplier0.512
Damage to Pals Multiplier210.5
Pal Hunger Depletion Rate0.511.5
Pal Stamina Reduction Rate0.511.5
Pal Auto HP Regeneration Rate210.5
Pal Sleep Health Regeneration Rate210.5
Damage from Player Multiplier210.7
Damage to Player Multiplier0.514
Player Hunger Depletion Rate0.311
Player Stamina Reduction Rate0.311
Player Auto HP Regeneration Rate210.6
Player Sleep Regeneration Rate210.6
Damage to Structure Multiplier210.7
Structure Deterioration Rate0.211
Maximum Number of Dropped ItemsMaxMaxMax
Gatherable Items Multiplier310.8
Gatherable Objects HP Multiplier0.511
Gatherable Objects Respawn Interval0.512
Dropped Items Multiplier210.7
(h) to Incubate Massive Egg247272
Enable Raid EventsDisableEnableEnable
Death PenaltyNo Items DroppedDrop All ItemsDrop all Items and all Pals on Team
Max Number of Guilds202020
All World Settings in Palworld
  • Explore the complete list of world settings for a fully customized experience.
  • Reference the table for recommended settings tailored to your preferred difficulty level.

PC Settings – Optimize Graphics

  • Ensure smooth gameplay by adjusting PC graphic settings.
  • Default settings are based on PC specs, but consider lowering graphics presets if you experience lag or performance issues.
  • Your adventure, your rules. Utilize the world settings to create a Palworld experience that resonates with your gaming preferences.
  • Whether you seek a gentle introduction, a standard adventure, or a challenging conquest, tailor your settings for maximum enjoyment.

Palworld empowers players to shape their adventures through customizable world settings. This guide equips you with the insights needed to navigate the various options, ensuring your journey is finely tuned to your preferences. From recommended settings for each difficulty to optimizing PC graphics, embrace the freedom to create the ultimate Palworld experience. Embark on a journey where every choice is yours, and the wilderness awaits your exploration!

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