Party Hard 2 – Controls

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  1. Party Hard 2 Controls

Party Hard 2 Controls

PC Keyboard Controls

Welcome to our Party Hard 2 Controls guide! You play the role of an event crasher where the objective is to secure the crooks without being captured.

Stop parties making use of numerous new means, by the way ruin a medication organization, and conserve the Earth from an unusual intrusion.

Computer mouse and Keyboard controls for the COMPUTER version of Event Hard 2 are as adheres to:

  • Move Up – W
  • Move Down – S
  • Move Left – A
  • Move Right – D
  • Look Up – Up Arrow
  • Look Down – Down Arrow
  • Look Left – Left Arrow
  • Look Right – Right Arrow
  • Use Item – E
  • Dance – Q
  • Use – Space
  • Pick Up – F
  • Select Item 1 – Alpha 1
  • Select Item 2 – Alpha 2
  • Select Item 3 – Alpha 3
  • Select Item 4 – Alpha 4
  • Sprint – Left Shift
  • X-Ray Vision – TAB
  • Use Skill – R
  • Aim – Left Control


You will certainly not have the ability to end up the mission till all packages are ticked. In some levels, you will certainly be provided a choice of methods which you can come close to the degree; stealth or manic.

Some will remain still in a particular location while others will certainly relocate frequently. It’s your work to select the very best way to take them out without being caught.


A lifestyle function is your Impulse, you can use it by pressing Tab. This will offer you a colour coded feeling of your environments. Victims will be red, guard are orange as well as valuable things and locations are green.

You’ll have to obtain made use of to hiding a body after you have made a kill. Fortunately discover a range of areas fit for hiding your victims. One of the most usual things are containers and dumpsters. Just walk up to the place and also press the spacebar to get rid of the evidence.


Along the road you might pick up products such as grenades, containers as well as knives. These can all be utilized for obtaining targets and also making diversions. When you grab a thing, it will certainly be placed into your supply.

This can be located at the bottom left-hand side of the screen. To use the item, hold down control as well as utilize the WASD keys to move the marker.

When you’ve intended, press E to utilize the thing and afterwards act quickly before you’re caught.

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