Payday 2 – Ghost Skill Tree


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Shinobi subtree:

  • Chameleon Aced: You are harder to detect by guards or cameras in casing mode.You also obtain the ability to pick up items such as keycards up in casing mode and loose items are worth 30% more cash.
  • Sixth Sense Aced: The ability to highlight guards and civies can be useful at times and having the penalty for killing civies be deducted by 75% is a money savior especially on the higher difficulties
  • Cleaner Aced: You get 1 more bodybag upon spawning into a heist and your body bag inventory is also increased from 2 to 3.You also gain the ability to place 2 body bag cases instead of only 1
  • ECM Overdrive Aced: Longer ECM time aswell as the ability to open special doors with ECMs can be useful
  • Nimble Aced: Being able to loop cameras to kill a guard or civilian thats in the field of view of a camera can be nice and overall faster lockpick is also nice
  • ECM Specialist Aced: You can carry 2 ECMs now and your ECM time is further increased to 30 seconds

Artful Dodger subtree:

  • Duck and Cover Basic: Movement skill that should be in every build
  • Inner Pockets Basic: An extra 2 concealment for your melee weapon makes it easier to reach minimal detection risk
  • Parkour: Just like Duck and Cover a Movement skill that should be in every build

Silent Killer subtree:

  • Second Wind Basic: To open up the skilltree
  • Optical Illusions Aced: This skill makes it very easy to reach minimal detection risk due to not loosing but actually getting concealment when equipping a silencer onto your weapons

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