Payday 2 – Salem Asylum Achievement Solo

Easy way to get Salem Asylum Achievement solo. How to Get Salem Asylum Achievement in Payday […]

Easy way to get Salem Asylum Achievement solo.

How to Get Salem Asylum Achievement in Payday 2


All you need to do is focus on ignoring enemies and moving fast. If you do so you can get on the train with about 10 seconds left to spare provided you don’t get blocked or downed.

I used a Stoic build with suit to achieve this. Though I’m sure a Dodge build would work just as well. Just prioritize speed and survivability. Stoic allows you to ignore a lot of damage while you’re running from A to B so it is by far the easiest imo.

Payday 2 Salem Asylum Build

  • The only skill requirement is to get PARKOUR ACED.
  • Be sure your bots have the QUICK and INVIGORATOR abilities slotted.
  • The DIE HARD and PARTNERS IN CRIME skills make it a lot easier.
  • DO NOT wear armor. Other guides which say it’s impossible to do solo make that mistake.
  • Have some way to resist damage and/or heal yourself. I recommend HOSTAGE TAKER ACED
  • An Armor-piercing weapon will help against shields trying to block your path.

Gotta Speed

  • Right as the heist starts, hold forward and sprint as you can move before you can see. Jump down the stairs and activate the first wheel as fast as you can. You can reach the platform within 10 seconds.
  • Don’t let any cops interrupt the wheel, duh! And be sure to fire down the hill to keep the path back up the stairs clear. I use this time to convert a cop to increase my survivability and movement speed.
  • Stick next to the wheel as it finishes, grab the keycard and run back up the stairs. Ignore all enemies aside from the ones that might block your path. Prioritize Tazers. Open the gate and keep running.
  • The next wheel will appear either in the laundry room or courtyard. Both spawns are fine but be sure to learn the route to both places properly! Knowing your way is the key to getting this achievement. As you enter, don’t climb the stairs because you don’t need to go up for either location, you only need to take the stairs for the escape switch at the end.
  • You should be at the second wheel at around 2:00-2:05. Repeat same tactic as with the last wheel, be sure to sit next to it as it finishes!
  • As soon as it’s done, grab the card and take the route up to the escape switch. Again, ignore all opposition and just keep running. Keep your AP-weapon ready for shields in the narrow paths.
  • You should be flipping the switch around 3:50-4:00. Meaning you have almost a full minute to run from the switch to the train. The game likes to spawn Dozers and/or Cloakers at the end to stop you but we just ignore them and run to the zipline. When you’re on the zipline the Cloakers can’t kick you any more.
  • The achievement pops as soon as your feet touch the train floor. You don’t need to finish the heist.

Salem Asylum Tips

  • Every second counts. ALWAYS place the drill as soon as possible. ALWAYS sprint.
  • KNOW which path and staircases to take inside. There is no time for doubting or running back.
  • Crouch-jumping is a useful tool to avoid obstacles and damage. Learn how to do it consistently.
  • Keep an eye on your escape route, make sure it’s clear. Don’t just sit and wait.
  • As you avoid most enemies, be sure to shoot Cloakers and Tazers if they’re close. If you can run around a corner before a Tazer is done charging, run. If you can’t, shoot him. With Cloakers, Parkour Aced should make you able to turn around and shoot them before they kick you without having to stop running. Listen well so you can spot them before they spot you.
  • Shields can block you in doorways, be sure to have a quick armor-piercing weapon to deal with them. I use an AP pistol because it holsters and shoots fast. Explosives are generally slow so don’t use them.
  • Always aim for heads. This is a tip for Payday in general. Takes less time and ammo.
  • Whilst waiting on the wheels, crouch a lot. Let your bots be your bullet magnets. They don’t mind.
  • In the Laundry room I prefer a spot underneath the right staircase next to the windows. In the courtyard it’s best to run in circles to avoid damage.
  • Converting an enemy right after you activated the second wheel will help a lot, since a bunch of cops will spawn immediately as you arrive there and your slowpoke bot friends will need some time to catch up. They also make great bullet magnets.
  • Bots are slow, so don’t rely on them to save you whilst you’re running from A to B.
  • If a bot happens to go down (very unlikely) just ignore them. This achievement is all about you baby.
  • Only heal or convert cops whilst the wheel is spinning and you’re waiting on it.
  • If a Headless Dozer spawns, just ignore and avoid. They’re not worth your time.
  • And finally: Don’t feel bad about restarting a couple of times to learn the route and how to deal with enemies blocking your path! It’s a super-short heist so failing is no big deal.


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