Payday 3 Beating Under the Surphaze With Infinite Civillians

Having trouble beating Under the Surphaze in Payday 3 without glitching the game? This is the guide for you!

Payday 3 Beating Under the Surphaze With Infinite Civillians

Introduction: The Explanation

This is a satirical guide. Me and a couple friends found a glitch on Under the Surphaze, where if you

  • Take passing civillians hostage near the waterfront exit/entrance,
  • Hide them in the stairwell to the left,
  • Exchange them for time (going loud)

The game will somewhat break and the civillians won’t leave the area. They will just stand still as meat shields, and it is 80% effective at stopping enemies from shooting you.

Beating Under The Surphaze With Infinite Civillians
Beating Under The Surphaze With Infinite Civillians

How to Do It + How it was Discovered

Basically, If you take Civilians hostage as the pass through the area in the last sections screenshots, collect them and put them all in the stairwell (to the left if outside, right if inside), the game will stop spawning civilians after a certain amount of civs being captured.

The pals and I managed to clear every street of stationary and the supposed “infinite spawning civilians” and move them to the staircase. We also killed the outside guards that patrols the area, along with two guards that patrol near the door every now and again.

At the time we were testing to see if we could break the server were on by having like 500+ civilians, but as I stated, they stopped spawning at some point. Then out of no where while trying to figure out what to do, a random guard patrolled outside in the back area for no particular reason, and we went loud.

Beating Under The Surphaze With Infinite Civillians

The Result

Beating Under The Surphaze With Infinite CivilliansBeating Under The Surphaze With Infinite Civillians
The Pictures above show civilians who have been traded for time, but stay stationary and refuse to leave the stairwell area. If the vent is closed, and you hang out inside the civilians. The cops for some reason will do 1 of 2 things

  • They will refuse to enter the stairwell room, or at least the bottom floor where the civilians and players are hiding.
  • They will enter the stairwell, and try and find any crevice between the civs they can shoot between to damage you. (Important to note that this only started happening when the final assault wave was reached).

In conclusion,

You can hide in the civilians between waves to avoid taking damage, and complete objectives during the down-times of assaults.

This is a really tedious process, and by no means should it be a regular strategy for everyone. If you do want to do this, I would advise having at-least three people (it’s probably doable with two, but tougher). I hope you all enjoyed this guide, and if you do try it out, let me know what the results were for you guys in the comments! Thanks all.

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