Peeping Dorm Manager – Completed Guide 100%

Peeping Dorm Manager guide: 100% game completion tips, character walkthroughs, CG collections, and detailed guides.

The Peeping Dorm Manager guide demonstrates how to complete the game 100%. The walkthroughs for the characters in the game, CG collections, and detailed guides for everything are provided in our content. You can write down the areas where you need help in the comments.

The guide was written before the official release, and there might be differences due to subsequent updates. The writing quality may not be optimal. If you’ve played the trial version, it’s recommended to start a new save for full achievements. In the late game, if short on money with Gentleman level 3, buy items like a robot vacuum, nano tape, and interdimensional trash can at the supermarket.

Chapter 1: Prologue and Beginner’s Walkthrough

  1. Start by exiting the room and approaching the bulletin board at the door to receive your initial task.
  2. Head to the designated mission location to install cameras. Look for camera and eye prompts indicating suitable installation spots.
    • Install cameras in these novice task locations:
      • Corridor on the first floor
      • Next to the trash can on the first floor (right side)
      • Social hall on the first floor (adjacent to the protagonist’s room)
      • Corridor on the second floor
      • Near the washing machine (right side of the second floor)
  3. Take a trip to the supermarket and engage with the clerk (Mango Girl) to gather valuable clues.
  4. Upon returning home, the video will automatically play, revealing a tenant applauding for love near the washing machine. Click on her with the mouse to proceed.
  5. After experiencing the event, the novice tutorial concludes.
  6. Visit the supermarket again to delve into the world of gentlemen’s clubs.
  7. The Gentlemen’s Club assigns a level crucial for accessing effective props and conquering characters. Improve this level to unlock advanced features.
  8. Visit the Gentlemen’s Club in the evening to unlock the Gentleman Skill System.
  9. Interact with the three characters from left to right:
    • The store manager, who sells props and recycles photos.
    • The Shiba Inu, offering valuable tips exchanged for the target character’s underwear.
    • The instructor, your guide in acquiring essential skills.

Engage with them beforehand to glean additional insights into the world you’re about to navigate.

Chapter 2: Misaki Akizuki

  • If you’re eyeing her underwear, swipe it from the washing machine on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings.
  • Strike up a conversation and learn her name.
  • Google her to find her blog, extracting info on “park,” “afternoon classes on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday,” and “drama club.”
  • Another round of “Drama Club” search reveals details like “Trojan Horse Massacre,” “Drama Club President,” and the unfortunate Aki Inoue.
  • Dig deeper into “Ara Inoue” for details like “Drama 3A,” “Paris,” “Helen,” and “Little Bird Yu Otohime.”
  • Revisit “Paris” to discover tidbits like “Camera” and “Performances on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday nights.”
  • Grab some chewing gum from the supermarket.
  • During Ku Zhu’s performance, discreetly grab the “Enlarge Key Mold.” Remember, watch out for surveillance.
Drama Club

Key Moves

  • Take the key mold to the gentlemen’s club, invest 299 to get a key made.
  • Enter Misaki’s room when she’s out.
  • Successfully infiltrate Misaki’s room, leveling up your gentleman status to level 2!
  • Head back to the gentlemen’s club, purchase two cameras.
  • Install them near the TV and at the bathroom door in Misaki’s room.
  • Use surveillance to learn intimate details about Misaki, like her desires.
  • Keep an eye on Misaki’s neglect by her gamer boyfriend on the first, third, and fifth nights.
  • Extract the info that “Games are more important than girlfriends.”
  • Chat with Misaki in the saloon, gaining insights into the TV series “Green Light.”
  • Use surveillance to witness Misaki watching the series, revealing thoughts on “long-lasting love,” “sense of crisis,” and “is it worth it?”
  • Another chat with Misaki unveils the revelation “I also rely on him a lot.”
  • Spy on Misaki and her boyfriend during nights 1, 3, 5, discovering their Drama Club connection.
  • Chat again to learn about their Saturday night movie plans.
  • Internet search for “Paris” discloses the crucial detail “Only bring your phone and keys when watching a movie.”
  • On the afternoon of 246, snag a pair of future underwear from the washing machine.
  • Late Saturday night, sneak into Misaki’s room, place Mirai’s underwear in her bag.
  • Conceal yourself in the closet, witnessing their applause for love.
  • Next morning, talk to Misaki outside the saloon. Engage Misaki inside the saloon.
  • Purchase a cartoon lamp at the gentlemen’s club and present it to Misaki when the opportunity arises.
  • Spy on Misaki talking on the bed via surveillance. Learn about the breakup. Observe Misaki getting up the next morning, discovering the “broken sink pipe.”
  • Accept a task, fix the water pipe while Misaki is present. Repair the pipe near the sink, connecting it to Misaki’s water pipe.
  • Find a chance to talk to Misaki again and initiate hands and feet training.

Training Dynamics

  • The hairy hands and feet have two bars: the upper one signifies the escape bar, while the lower one represents the sexual desire bar.
  • A full escape bar means training failure; a full sexual desire bar results in orgasm.
  • Achieving climax increases the target’s lewdness value; a full value signifies a successful conquest.
  • Monitor the lewdness value in the investigation record.
  • Once the lewdness value hits 100, accept the water pipe repair task again.
  • Confront Misaki, taking over the water pipe repair task once more.
  • On the night of January 35, with her boyfriend present, attend to Misaki’s water pipe. Training is now complete!
  • Gentleman level ascends to level 3.

CG Collection

  • Normal position: Unlock by chatting with Misaki in front of the washing machine on the morning of January 35.
  • Sleeping r*pe: Learn silent night attack skills, engage Misaki late at night (even if training is unsuccessful).
  • Fall r*pe: Acquire Floor Cleaning Master and Fall H skills, clean the second floor, wait for Misaki to fall, then engage. If it’s not Misaki who falls, retain the effect for the next opportunity.
  • Stairwell H: Learn Stairwell H, purchase a fake money trap, wait on the first-floor stairs, engage the target after taking the bait. If someone else picks up the coin, keep the effect for the next opportunity.
  • Saloon H: Learn Saloon H, engage Misaki in the saloon.
  • Washing Machine H: Learn washing machine transformation and Washing Machine H, repair the washing machine, wait for Misaki to get stuck, then engage.
  • Toilet H: Learn Toilet H, wait in Misaki’s room for her to masturbate on the toilet, then engage.
  • Postscript: Warning! If you want to keep your training results to yourself, skip the postscript!

Done! Let me know if there’s anything specific you’d like further adjustment on.

Chapter 3: Mirai Uehara (Aichan)

Journey to conquer Mirai Uehara, alias Ai-chan, requires careful steps. Follow this guide for a successful endeavor:

  1. Underwear Heist:
    • Steal Ai-chan’s underwear from the washing machine on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday afternoons.
  2. Initial Intel:
    • Engage in a conversation to learn Ai-chan’s nickname.
    • Accept the garbage sorting task, leading to a letter revealing the third room’s key location under the carpet on the second-floor doorstep.
  3. Wednesday Courier:
    • Receive a courier at Ai-chan’s door on Wednesday morning, providing crucial details like the real name and the last three digits of the phone number.
  4. Cyber Investigation:
    • Search “18live” for live streaming software and “Ai Jiang” for Ai-chan’s streaming schedule.
    • Discover the password formula: “bust + last three digits of the phone number.”
  5. Live Stream Reconnaissance:
    • Tune in on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday for live broadcasts, extracting valuable information.
    • Learn about the “Empty Room,” “Damaged Walls,” and “Bust 90cm.”
  6. Room Access:
    • Enter the vacant room on the third floor using the password: 85420.
    • Upgrade to Gentleman Level 2 upon successful entry.
    • Investigate the big bear for intriguing information.
  7. Camera Setup:
    • Purchase two cameras from the Gentlemen’s Club owner.
    • Install cameras in the future room, enhancing surveillance capabilities.
  8. Future Revelations:
    • Monitor Ai-chan’s future activities, gaining insights into her habits and secrets.
  9. Park Encounter:
    • Investigate Mei Xiuyang’s blog for information about the park and the former administrator.
    • Visit the park, talk to Mei Xiuyang, gather details, and acquire a token.
  10. Hacking Mission:
    • Use the obtained hacking software to infiltrate future computers.
    • Uncover information about “comrades” and “quarrels,” along with receipts for lust wine and Guaiguai water.
  11. Future Conspiracy:
    • Anticipate a future plot against you by monitoring future activities.
    • Receive a task in the taskbar and proceed to the future room on the night of 2, 4, 6.
  12. Counterattack:
    • Purchase “Sober Aromatherapy” from the Gentlemen’s Club owner.
    • Change the aromatherapy in the future room to “Sober Aromatherapy” on the night of 2, 4, 6.
    • Successfully counterattack and initiate meticulous adjustments to the future.
  13. Teddy Bear Tactics:
    • If the future remains resistant at a lust value of 54, employ teddy bears for further training.
    • Purchase a love potion aromatherapy from the gentlemen’s club store manager.
    • Set up the aromatherapy in the future room at night for optimal results.
  14. Mastering the Future:
    • Hide in the big bear, wait for Ai-chan to masturbate, and click the bear to initiate the attack.
    • Continue training until reaching 90.
  15. Final Conquest:
    • Receive a mission to attack the future in the supermarket. Once successful, only one step remains for future training.
    • Visit Ai-chan’s room on the night of 2, 4, 6 during the live broadcast to achieve complete conquest.
    • Attain Gentleman Level 3 (if Misaki is conquered first to reach Level 2, Level 3 won’t be upgraded).
  16. CG Collection:
    • Explore various scenarios, including rear entry, sleeping r*pe, falling and raping, stairwell encounters, saloon interactions, washing machine exploits, bathroom experiences, and a unique bear doll event.
  17. Closing Note:
    • If you wish to safeguard your conquest results, avoid watching the later conversation!
  18. Easter Egg:
    • Explore Mei Xiuyang’s blog to discover that the two have reconciled.

Chapter 4: Kozue Takanashi (Bird Girl)

Requirements: Gentleman level 2

  1. Talk to Kozue at school and gather information about her preferences.
  2. Search online for information about “Helen Sauce.”
  3. Purchase the Golden Dick Cup from the Gentleman’s Club.
  4. Offer the Golden Dick Cup to Kozue at school.

Chapter 5: Yurari (Sports Girl)

Requirements: Gentleman level 3

  1. Go to the gentlemen’s club to buy a “dog language translator” and go to the supermarket to buy “chicken legs”.
  2. Go to the park during the day and talk to the dog in the upper right corner that is being chained by the target Yuri.
  3. The dog will poop after eating the chicken legs and help clean up (just play the cleaning game). After completing it, talk to the dog again and learn what the hostess Yuli is doing in the nearby bushes late at night on Sunday. Then fast forward to late Sunday night, approach and interact with the bush next to the chair with a piece of clothing.
  4. Then you can be Santa Claus and help her fulfill her wish.

Chapter 6: Mango Miss

Requirements: Gentleman level 3

  1. Search for information about “Mango Miss” online.
  2. Purchase most items from the supermarket except for cleaning detergent, sorting labels, and strong glue.
  3. Mango Miss will approach you once you’ve bought the items.

Note: The guide concludes with the completion of Mango Miss’s storyline.

End of Walkthrough.

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