Pentiment Console Commands & Cheats

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Need information about console commands in Pentiment? This guide will guide you! This is a guide on how to “cheat” using the console and the saved location to see as much content as possible in the shortest amount of time possible. Check out our Pentiment Console Commands & Cheats guide without wasting time!

Pentiment Console Commands & Cheats

Welcome to our Pentiment Console Commands & Cheats guide. This is a guide on how to “cheat” using the console and the saved location to see as much content as possible in the shortest amount of time possible.

We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the Pentiment game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our Pentiment guide.

Useful Console Commands

The console can be accessed through the ~/` key on the Steam version. It is not available on the Gamepass version. Be careful when using console commands, as they can mess up your save! Use them at your own risk and make a backup of your saves.

  • AddBackground bg/RemoveBackground bg – in order to add a background, type “AddBackground bg” and press tab to cycle through the available backgrounds. The game will freeze if you add them before the moment where you choose them in game (conversations with Big Jorg, Lorenz, etc.) After adding too many backgrounds, the game will freeze if you access the “Ex Libris” journal tab (pressing C), but every other journal tab will work fine. You can remove backgrounds by typing “RemoveBackground bg” and cycling through them with tab again.

    Act 1 Big Jorg Countries:

  • basel
  • flanders (low countries)
  • italy
Act 1 Big Jorg conversation background:
  • hedonist
  • craftsman
  • bookworm
  • rapscallion
  • businessman
Act 1 Lorenz conversation studies 1:
  • theology
  • imperial_law
  • medicine
Act 1 Lorenz conversation studies 2:
  • latinist
  • logician
  • orator
  • occultist
  • naturalist (heavens and earth)
Act 2 Guy conversation Countries:
  • poland
  • england
  • france
  • aragon
Act 3 Magdalene book from Act 2:
  • empiricist
  • bibliophilia
  • astronomer
  • vitae_sanctorum
  • myths_legends
Act 3 Magdalene background:
  • tinker
  • domestics
  • bookkeeping
Act 3 Magdalene trait 1:
  • barbs
  • flirt
  • haggle
  • snoop
Act 3 Magdalene trait 2:
  • polyglot
  • volksbucher
  • reformation
  • AdvanceTimeToHour – Allows you to travel to a certain time of day. Works like (command) (time of day) (1). If you want to go to 1 PM, type “AdvanceTimeToHour 13 1”. Morning hours vary, but the usual times of day are 11/13/18/20. Andreas should say “I should investigate/find someone to eat with” etc. according to the hour you went to.
  • HideHUD/ShowHUD – Hide or Show the HUD.
  • UnlockAllJournalQuests – unlocks every entry in present quests in the “Journal” tab.
  • UnlockAllJournalPeople – unlocks everyone in the “People” tab of the journal for the act.
  • UnlockAllGlossaryMatches – Unlocks every entry in the “Glossary” tab for the act.

Game Saves

Saves are located in %USERPROFILE%Saved GamesPentiment. The game autosaves on 8 different slots at regular intervals. Every time you want to keep one of your saves to go back to later, just copy/paste it in a directory named after that moment in the game, and when you want to go back to it, just copy/paste it back in the main directory (don’t forget to backup your current saves as well).

Then in the main menu, click on “new game”, then on the blue arrow next to your save in order to access the autosave slots.

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