Perfect Gold- Achievements Guide

Perfect Gold All Achievements Guide Welcome to our Perfect Gold All Achievements Guide! We have prepared […]

Perfect Gold All Achievements Guide

Welcome to our Perfect Gold All Achievements Guide! We have prepared alldetailsfor you. All Achievements! We will update it again, follow us!

Perfect Gold All Achievements Guide – Story Progression Achievements

(These achievements will unlock automatically as you progress through the main story.)

Lefay’s top… Truants

  • Get that sweet, sweet freedom!

Healer on Call

  • Heal an injured mage.

Little Healer

  • Get to know young audrey.

Little Elemental Mage

  • Get to know young marion.

High Society Drama

  • Attend a fancy alchemist ball.

Master Duelist

  • Have a mage duel.

Transmutation in Youth

  • Learn more about a renowned alchemist’s past.

Happy Sunflower Festival!

  • Celebrate the festival.

Perfect Gold All Achievements Guide – Dialogue Achievements

(Unlocks after choosing different answer options.)

Chapter 3: The first day

I don’t need ger pity ->

I’m a Strong, Independent Mage!

  • Assert your independence!

Lunch together sounds cool ->

Castlecoast’s Friendliest

  • Make friends with the top alchemist.

Chapter 6: times change

Tell her to get a cool drink ->


  • When you’re colder than the breeze you could’ve summoned…

Chapter 8: shared pain

I have time to kill ->

I-it’s not like i like you or anything!

  • Seriously, you’re not actually that concerned.

Chapter 9: the luminance

Take her hand ->

True Affection

  • Reach out for warmth and affection.

Chapter 10: castlecoast’s creations

I glance at audrey ->

An Intimate Portrait

  • Get sketched during an intimate moment.

Chapter 16: growing pains

Take the bottle ->

The Bigger Person

  • Offer to help a struggling mage.

Chapter 18: in bloom

Audrey ->

Second Chances are Gifts

  • Buy a gift for someone special.

Chapter 19: coagulation

Hug her ->

Heart of Gold

  • Embrace your yearning for someone.

Keep it together ->

Dignified or Tsundere?

  • Hold back with your affection.

Normal Ending and Epilogue

I’m not exactly sure what options affect getting the normal ending, so i’ll list all the ones that i’ve chosen:

Accepted we were bound to fail -> lunch together sounds cool -> ask more about her plans -> summon a cool breeze -> i’m worried about you -> take her hand -> i glance at audrey -> coming with us -> distract and flatter -> was scared -> take the bottle -> protect her -> audrey -> hug her ->

A Golden Day

  • Get the normal ending.

The only difference between normal and bad endings is that there is no epilogue after the bad one

The achievement unlocks in epilogue after the normal ending:

The Alchemy of Happiness

  • Get the romantic date ending.

Congratulations, You Rock

(I wish all wlw and wlw allies a very pleasant evening)


  • Unlock all the achievements.

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