Persona 4 Golden – Bike Skills List

Bike Skills List

At a few factor in the sport you may see your celebration individuals close to the fueloline station, sitting on their automobile of choice.
Talking to them helps you to select whether or not or now no longer to head for a journey with them,
The motive why you need to do not forget that is due to the fact going for a journey offers them new abilties to learn.

Below is a listing of all of the celebration individuals motormotorcycle skills, numbered via way of means of what number of rides it takes for them get the skill.


  • Confuse Boost: Increases the threat of causing confusion
  • Megido: Deals minor Almighty harm to all enemies
  • Green Wall: Increases Wind Resistance
  • Makara Break: Dispels Makarakarn from all enemies
  • Diarahan: Fully heals one celebration member

These abilties are all 100% useless. Don’t hassle taking Yosuke on motormotorcycle rides, ever. The best one even probable really well worth making an issue for is Diarahan, and Yosuke’s third tier Persona Skill is a miles higher recuperation talent that heals the complete celebration at the same time as giving a Hit/Dodge buff to everyone.


  • Hama: Low threat of immediately loss of life on one enemy (Light)
  • Mind Slice: Medium bodily harm to all enemies with a threat of causing Confusion
  • Hamaon: Medium threat of immediately loss of life on one enemy (Light)
  • Tetra Break: Dispels Tetrakarn from all enemies
  • Bufudyne: Heavy Ice Damage on one enemy

Bufudyne is really well worth mastering on Chie if you may combat five motormotorcycle rides with Chie into your agenda. Bufudyne is her satisfactory ice spell and that is the best manner to get it. If you’re looking to make the right Chie construct, it’s now no longer going to be whole with out Bufudyne. That said, the whole thing else is useless.


  • Valiant Dance: Chance of enraging all enemies
  • Marakunda: Decreases all enemies’ protection for three turns
  • Red Wall: Increases Fire Resistance
  • Spirit Drain: Drains 30 SP from an enemy
  • Mind Charge: Next spell offers 2.5x harm

Mind Charge is the actual winner right here and it’s nicely really well worth taking Yukiko on five motormotorcycle rides to be able to get it. You may also make a case that Marakunda is a profitable investment, on the grounds that Yukiko has a few non-compulsory talent slots in her construct and Marakunda is a completely beneficial guide talent to have on any character. Everything else isn’t always really well worth keeping.


  • Media: Minor recuperation to all allies
  • Atom Smasher: Medium bodily harm to all enemies with a threat of causing Fear
  • Blue Wall: Increases Electric Resistance
  • Fast Heal: Ailments remaining 1/2 of as long
  • Mediarama: Medium recuperation to all allies

You may want to make a case that obtaining Mediarama opens up a backup recuperation position for Kanji, growing his versatility. It’s now no longer in particular beneficial in practice, in my opinion. Fast Heal is probably really well worth grabbing however, again, it’s debatable.


  • Dekunda: Cancels stat debuffs for celebration members
  • Life Drain: Drains 30 HP from an enemy
  • Mustard Bomb: Deals medium bodily harm to all enemies with a threat of causing Enervation
  • White Wall: Increases Ice Resistance
  • Evade Physical: Triples bodily evasion

Evade Physical is probably profitable in case you in reality, in reality have time to spare to your agenda to take Teddie on five motormotorcycle rides. Teddie’s skillset is quite tight because it is, so it’s in all likelihood now no longer really well worth the time, however Evade Physical is a decently beneficial talent. Nothing else on Teddie’s listing even comes near being profitable.


  • Bufudyne: Heavy ice harm to 1 enemy
  • Ziodyne: Heavy electric powered harm to 1 enemy
  • Tetraja: Protects an best friend from example loss of life once
  • Myriad Arrows: Inflicts heavy bodily harm to all enemies 1-three times
  • Angelic Grace: Doubles evasion in opposition to magic attacks


Rise isn’t like the alternative characters and might be one of the maximum deserving of being taken at the most quantity of motorcycle rides.

Every time you’re taking Rise on a motorcycle ride, as much as five times, the bonus harm she presents in your all-out assault increases. The harm growth is sizeable and when you have time to your agenda, you’re honestly going to need to optimize Rise’s harm potential.


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