Phantom Doctrine – Perks & Abilities Guide

List of Perks These are the ones I’ve seen so far. Level Up Perks Actor – […]

List of Perks

These are the ones I’ve seen so far.

Level Up Perks

  • Actor – Disguise cannot be detected.
  • Brickhead – Protects from stun effects.
  • Composure – Increase Awareness regeneration (+10)
  • Cold Blooded – Decreases cooldown on the Focus ability.
  • Combat Senses – Increase max Awareness (+20)
  • Custom Gear – Improves Reload times.
  • Dancer – Awareness cost to dodge decreased.
  • Expert Marksman – Single shot attacks no longer end turn.
  • Faster Movement – Increases Movement Range.
  • Fearless – Agent cannot be suppressed.
  • Freediver – Protects from harmful effects of gas clouds, except loss of vision.
  • Gifted – Bonus XP for missions.
  • League Pitcher – Using a grenade no longer ends an agent’s turn.
  • Martial Artist – Decrease Awareness cost of takedowns.
  • Masochist – Improves damage threshold.
  • Mild Paranoia – Improves benefits of full cover.
  • Paramedic – Movement bonus when carrying unconscious characters.
  • Peripheral Vision – Overwatch circle has wider radius.
  • Quick Recovery – Incrase HP recover in hideout.
  • Revenant – Increase bleed out timer.
  • Scar Tissue – Protects against loss of damage threshold cause by corrosive substances.
  • Stalker – Increases max range of overwatch cone.
  • Survivor – Increase max hit points (+20)
  • Vietnam Vet – Increase width of overwatch cone.

Dancer – Not 100% this one is working. When you select the other ones you see the stat increase on your character take effect. Everytime I’ve selected Dancer, the agent’s Dodge Cost has never changed.

Event Perks

  • Loyal – This agent is loyal and impervious to enemy influence.
  • *Loyal – Your created character starts with this and I know other agents can acquire this perk through events.

Secret Talents

  • Adv Firearms Talent – Advanced Firearms Drill Training costs less time and money.
  • Body Engineering Talent – Faster Body Engineering.
  • Crafting Talent – Faster crafting.
  • Fire/Mov Tacs Talent – Fire and Movement training costs less time and money.
  • Interrupt Talent – Bonus experience for Interrupt Jobs.
  • Infiltration Talent – Bonus experience for infiltration jobs.
  • Investigation Talent – Solves secret files faster.
  • Recon Talent – Bonus experience for Recon jobs.
  • Seeking Talent – Bonuse experience for Seek Agent jobs.
  • Urban Ops Talent – Urban Ops training costs less time and money.

Secret Perks/Talents – Keep in mind, these question mark perks can turn out to be the effect of enemy brainwashing.


Survivor = Increases HP by 20 (can take down higher HP enemies)

Combat Senses = Increase max Awareness by 20

Composure = Increases Awareness regeneration by 10

Faster Movement = Movement + 1 (for each move = 2 for sprint)

Martial Artist = Reduces cost of Takedown by 10

Custom Gear = Reduces Reload times. Without specialisation: 1M/1AP = 1AP — 2M/1AP = 1M/1AP // With specialisation: 2M = 1M — 1M = Free

Cold-Blooded = Decreases Focus ability cooldown from 3 to 2

Stalker = Increases the range of the overwatch cone by 4

Peripheral Vision = Circle switches to cone at range 9 instead of range 6

Masochist = Improves dmg threshold by 6

Paramedic = Improves movement range by 2 when carrying an agent

Perks That Need Testing

Mild Paranoia = Improves benefits of full cover. Normal full cover = -75% dmg. Improved = ? Hard to test.

Low Profile = Improves benefits from half cover. Normal half cover = -50% dmg. Improved = ?.

The perk for increased mission XP = Saw it before, but didn’t get it while testing. Amount of XP increase and where it is applied (missions on worldmap only or also for assault missions etc.)

Abilities (Background or Training)

Coup de Grace – Executes targets below 1/3 HP. Uses 1AP. Uses the ammo count of main attack (1 for pistol, 3 for smg)

Buckshot – Damage to all targets in cone. Only available when using shotgun. Cost 1AP and 1 ammo. Dmg from equiped gun. Range = 8 at the middle to 7 and 6 to the sides of the cone. EDIT: Buckshot ignores cover (but needs LoS). Really strong.

Vigilance – Increases circular overwatch by 4 for 1 turn. 1 movement cost. 2 turns cooldown.

Heartbeat Sensor – Reveals all enemies in a radius of 9. No LoS needed. Cost 15 awareness. 2 turns cooldown.

Blinding Laser – Disables enemy overwatch + prevents them from fireing next turn. No range restriction, LoS needed. 3 turns cooldown. Doesn’t trigger combat.

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