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Phasmophobia – Snowman Locations Map (Winter Event 2023)

Find the snowmen locations in Phasmophobia 2023 Winter Event with our guide. Map images reveal all locations, including the snowgun part.

You can find the locations of all the snowmen in the Phasmophobia 2023 winter event in our guide. The locations of the snowmen on all maps are shown in the images below. You can also find the locations of the snowgun part.

This guide was created by Watcher Rat. You can access the author’s profile from the link at the end of the guide.

Phasmophobia Snowman Locations Map

Looking to breeze through everything pronto? I’ve got you covered with a guide that gets the job done in record time. For a smoother experience, I suggest tweaking your game setup with these selections:

  • Sprinting: Infinite
  • Player Speed: 150%
  • Friendly Ghost
  • Flashlights enabled
  • Breaker starts ON
  • Weather: Sunrise

With this setup, the ghost won’t ever go on the hunt, allowing you to zip through each area in a flash.

Sunny Meadows: Snowball Gun Parts

To begin, you must enter Sunny Meadows (full, not restricted) and find three parts to a snowball gun. Their locations are as follows, each with a snowman pointing to it:

Shooting the Snowmen

After finding the snowball gun pieces, whenever you enter a map, four guns will be located inside the van. Now you must go to each of the following maps and shoot every snowman there. With the exception of Bleasdale Farm, none of the snowman are inside any container/drawer/wardrobe (Bleasdale has two in one wardrobe), and no map has any inside a hiding spot, although some may be on top of a hiding spot. Here are screenshots of every map.

Note: Sorry in advance for my markings for the outdoors on Grafton. I was tired by the time I got there.

Tanglewood Snowmen Locations

Edgefield Snowmen Locations

Grafton Snowmen Locations

Willow Street Snowmen Locations

Ridgeview Snowmen Locations

Bleasdale Snowmen Locations

Woodwind Snowmen Locations

Once you have the snowmen all done, the screen will blink dark. You may then leave the level, no need to guess the ghost. After you get every stage, a trophy will appear at your base.

Written by Watcher Rat

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