Planet Centauri Pet Master Guide

Welcome to our Planet Centauri Pet Master Guide. A guide made for people interested in the pet master class.

Hello from our Planet Centauri Pet Master guide! Embark on your greatest adventure in Planet Centauri! Explore hidden dungeons, capture and tame monsters, build and protect an NPC community, craft your own weapons and create your own spells! Here’s everything you need to pet master on this adventure!

Planet Centauri Pet Master Guide

Welcome to our Planet Centauri Pet Master Guide. A guide made for people interested in the pet master class.

Meet the Monsters

Almost all monsters in the game can be captured by using Soul gems and they will be your main form of damage and survivability has a pet master.


The soul gems are items that can be thrown at monsters to capture them. They can be crafted in the Advanced crafting table using 10 chipped amethysts.
Like others games with catching mechanics the lower the health easier it is to catch so it’s always advised to damage the monster until it’s life bar turns red before trying to catch.
There are 6 levels of soul gems:

  • Level 0 – These can only be obtained by breeding monsters and hatching their eggs or removing chickens/cows from mangers, they can’t be used to capture others monsters and are destroyed when transfering monsters to a transformation seal.
  • Level 1 – Craftable, can capture most surface monsters and some cave monsters.
  • Level 2 – Craftable, can capture monsters from the Mountains and Mystic forest.
  • Level 3 – Craftable, can capture monsters from Hell, aliens and monks.
  • Level 4 – Boss drop and mimic chests, can capture mimics and stronger aliens.
  • Level 5 – Challenge chest on T-Rex’s lair, can capture the T-rex boss.

Leveling and Exp

After capturing a monster it’s level will set to 5 and will be able level up by killing enemies.
When a captured monster kills a wild monster they will not drop souls but instead drop green exp orbs that monsters can collect to level up. The max level a monster can achieve is 70, this applies to monsters from all types and rarities.
Another way to level up monsters is by placing inside a Pet house, where 2 monsters can be placed inside to gain exp over time.

Details of pet master class in Planet Centauri

To increase the exp over time you need to gain more hearts in the heart gauge, to get more hearts you need to place blocks and decorations in the house, each monster have their own likes and dislikes, you can check if they like something placed inside the house by clicking in the heart icon. Monsters have a tendency to like decorations from their respective biomes.

Details of pet master class in Planet Centauri


All monsters have abilities that they can obtain by leveling up, these abilities are called enchantments.

Details of pet master class in Planet Centauri


Monsters have rarity level that will determine the max level of their enchantments can achieve, it also increases the base HP and Atk stats making rarer monster more powerful.

At certain rarities the monster will become a shiny monster.

Details of pet master class in Planet Centauri

Shiny monsters have a unusual color when compared to others of the same species and always have a prefix in it’s name: encommon, rare, divine or legendary.

HP and Healing

When inside their soul gem, monsters regenerates life over time but if they are KO the regen slows down.
Some enchantments can help with the monster survivability:

  • Life regeneration – Regens life when outside the soul gem
  • Life per death – Heals when killing a enemy (can be exploited by crafting wisps and letting your monster kill them in a small area and then crafting more with their drops endlessly)
  • Life steal – Heals every hit
  • Life bonus – Increases max health
  • *Element* Immunity – Immune to a specific status effect (burn, lightning, etc)
  • *Element* Resistance – Takes less damage from a specific element (shadow, light, etc)
  • Recoil protect – Reduces knockback from enemy attacks

Another way to heal is by using the Healing station but they can easily deplete all your souls, so you need to have a good soul farm before starting to use this station.
It is also possible to use healing spells(crafted in the Enchantment book using diamonds) in your monsters by aiming at them when using the spell.
And of course you can use the Pet master skill: “Heal Pets” that heals all invoked pets at the cost of 5 mana at a cooldown of 3 seconds.


When your monsters is killed they enter a KO state and the little red star in their soul gem icon becomes black, you can only use this monsters again after they reach full health again. There are some ways to speed up the recovering process:

  • Healing station can fully heal pets at cost of souls;
  • Pet master skill: “Ressurect Pets” fully heals all KO monsters in the toolbar at the cost of 20 mana and have a 1 minute cooldown(this one is perfect to use when multiple monsters are KO since it can heal up to 10 monsters at the same time)


Some monsters can be mounted by interacting (R by default).
These monsters are:

  • Cow
  • Leaf Lion
  • Raptor

While mounted you can still use your items normally but you can’t use your right click slot because right click will now use the monster’s attack. If your mount kill an enemy they will drop monster exp instead of souls.

Details of pet master class in Planet Centauri


It is possible to transform into monsters by using Transformation seal in the transformation table.


Found in chests or bought from Seal sellers they are needed to transform into monsters.
There are 5 levels of seals and they correspond to the soul gem level of monsters.

Sealing Monsters

The first step to unlock transformations is to seal a monster, you will need an already captured monster and an empty seal.


Works the same has soul gems but the Pet master skills won’t affect sealed monsters.


The KO mechanic works the same with the seals but with a bonus that when you are killed while transformed, all enemies on the screen will disappear, they won’t drop anything tho.

Cave Merchants

Details of pet master class in Planet Centauri

Found on all 3 levels of the caves these NPCs will sell stuff at the cost of Souls.
After buying an item, their shop will reset and they may sell another item.
If you go too far from a NPC they will despawn.

Soul Gems Seller

Sells soul gems from level 1 to 4.
They can be a great way to save your amethysts since you can buy gems using souls.

Seals Seller

Sell seals of all levels.
Since seals can only be found in chests and can’t be crafted, this NPC is a great way to amass seals quickly.

Mystery Egg Seller

Sells eggs from any breedable monster in the game.
You will need a incubator to hatch monster eggs.
When playing in the “Rares only” gamemode this can be your only way to unlock transformations.

Souls and Magitech

Being the most important resource of the game, souls are a key part to make any progress in the game and you are going to need a lot of them if you are going through the path of monster taming.
Souls are mainly obtained by killing enemies but there is a way to farm them in your own base.


To start farming souls you will need a Magitech craft table, it can be found inside small structures in caves or near the sand dungeon, with this crafting station you will be able to craft everything you need:

  • 1 Soul thief
  • 1 Soul pipe (1 craft gives 10 stacks)
  • 1 Soul crystalizer
  • 1 Soul harvester
  • 2 Soul container

The materials needed in total to craft the items above will be: 26 Glass blocks (made from sand blocks in a furnace), 3 Chipped Amethyst (found in caves) and 1 Copper bar

Details of pet master class in Planet Centauri

Most of these items are already present inside the structure with the craft table, so you can just collect with a pickaxe but if you are in the sand dungeon you can’t destroy anything inside so all you can do is to craft another magitech craft table using the table present using 6 Glass blocks.

Details of pet master class in Planet Centauri

The Setup

Start placing a soul thief, this device can drain all souls from players when they touch it, then place a soul container and connect both using soul pipes, after that place the Soul crystalizer and connect it to the container using pipes.
Now all you need to do is to get some souls (if you have less then 100) and then store them using the soul thief.
The crystalizer should do it’s job and create a Crystallized soul that you can pickup using the interact key (R by default) and put in your inventory.
If you add even more souls with a crystal already in the crystalizer then it upgrades the soul crystal to a higher level.

Details of pet master class in Planet Centauri

Now make a similar build nearby but without the soul thief and using a Soul harvester instead of a crystalizer, you can then place a crystallized soul by holding it with your mouse and interacting with the harverter.
It will start generating souls over time and storing in the connected containers.

Details of pet master class in Planet Centauri

The higher the amount of souls used, higher the level of the crystal with each level being able to generate more souls per hour.

Details of pet master class in Planet Centauri
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