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Chinese Pangolin Care

Before adopting a Chinese Pangolin, and placing one within your zoo, make sure to prepare. When preparing, first think of how much space they may need, of course. And, always use one-way glass, or concrete barriers with a window of one-way glass, so the guests can view, and so the Chinese Pangolin is comfortable as they cannot view through where the guests are looking. A Chinese Pangolin’s main continent is (Asia).

Once your barriers are done, now think about scenery. Go to your nature tab, and go to filters. Chinese Pangolin’s live in (Asia), along with living in (Temperate) habitats. Make sure to go to your filter tab in the nature selection, and press on (Temperate, and Asia) so the correct filtered plants, trees and flowers will come to sight for the correct habitat.

Before you place your trees, flowers, rocks, (ectentra), though, make sure you have the correct sized habitat. I would recommend having a habitat larger than 182m(2), because, as Chinese Pangolin’s due reproduce quite a bit, they will need extra room for their little one’s!

Make sure to have a medium-sized watering hole. Not too deep, and not too shallow. And, to maintain the waters health, make sure to have a Water Station nearby, and close enough to the water, so the animals don’t get sick from dirty water. (Chinese Pangolin’s do not require climbing materials.

Make sure to have a few hard shelters for these animals. Or heck, even make your own! It would look more natural, as well. Once that is done, go to your Habitat Tab, and then type in Pangolin, and all of the necessary materials will pop up for what this animal will require and need.

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