Portal Revolution Fingerprinter Guide

If you need detailed information for Fingerprinter achievement in Portal Revolution, our guide will help you.

Portal Revolution Fingerprinter Guide

Below is a guide on each of the glass locations for the Fingerprinter achievement.

Chapter 1: Advanced Cube Mechanics

Fingerprinter Guide

Map Name: sp_a1_cube_fling_intro

Most likely the easiest one out of the bunch. Hard to miss. Walk up and claim your prize.

Chapter 2: Conveyors and Ventilators

Fingerprinter Guide

Map Name: sp_a1_bts_wind

You’ll likely see it, but it’ll be out of reach behind a railing. You need to walk around, hop on a vent, and hug the wall to reach it.

Chapter 4: Power Switches

Fingerprinter Guide

Map Name: sp_a2_end

Look up by the switch to see your target. A simple fling from the wall will do to reach it.

Chapter 6: Vacuum Tube Examination

Fingerprinter Guide

Map Name: sp_a3_vactube_hanging

Simply jump towards it from the light bridge to leave a mark. Don’t worry, the cube will catch you on the way down.

Chapter 8: Finale

Fingerprinter Guide

Map Name: sp_a4_finale

Out in the open, but very easy to miss with the ticking timer. I missed it twice in my search! You’ll need to do a little parkour on the server racks, but it’s nothing too hard. Only a 10 second diversion from your real goals.

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