Portal with RTX Console Commands

Welcome to our Portal with RTX Console Commands guide. Beginner-Friendly introduction into the “Portal-Bumping”, “Wallclimbing”, “Peek-A-Portal”, […]

Welcome to our Portal with RTX Console Commands guide. Beginner-Friendly introduction into the “Portal-Bumping”, “Wallclimbing”, “Peek-A-Portal”, “Save-Button-Glitch” & “Edge-Glitch”. We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the Portal with RTX game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our Portal with RTX guide.

Portal with RTX Console Commands

Beginner-Friendly introduction into the “Portal-Bumping”, “Wallclimbing”, “Peek-A-Portal”, “Save-Button-Glitch” & “Edge-Glitch”.

How to Open the Developer Console

To open the developer console fallow these steps:
1.pause the game go to options and click on “Keyboard”
2.next click on the button labled “Advanced”
3.tick the box beside Enable developer console (And also fast weapons switch if you want to)
4.then scroll down in the menu until you find “Developer Console”
5.click on it then click edit key
6.next press the button/preferred key on your keyboard you want to use to open the developer console (personally i use the KP_ENTER key)
7.and finally save it and exit the pause menu. Then press (whatever key/button you chose) and the developer console should open.

How to get it to work

Open the developer console and then type in sv_cheats 1
To turn it off type in sv_cheats 0

Spawns (props)

The props are as fallows:
ent_create_portal_weight_box – spawns a standard cube

ent_create_portal_weight_box; ent_fire !picker skin 1 – spawns a companion cube

ent_create_portal_metal_sphere – spawns an edgeless safety cube

ent_create prop_glados_core – spawns a core (can’t be picked up)

ent_create updateitem2 – spawns a radio (no music)

ent_create weapon_portalgun – spawns a portal gun that you can pick up

prop_dynamic_create gladdysdestruction/gladdysbody – spawns GLaDOS

prop_dynamic_create gladdysdestruction/glados_junk_05_ – spawns Hoopy

prop_dynamic_create props/light_rail_endcap – spawns the end of a light rail

prop_dynamic_create props/light_rail_corner – spawns the pillar of a light rail

prop_dynamic_create props/lift_platform – spawns a lift platform

prop_dynamic_create props/door_02 – spawns GLaDOS’ chamber door

prop_dynamic_create props/switch001 – spawns a button

prop_dynamic_create props/toilet_body_reference – spawns a toilet

prop_dynamic_create props/table_reference – spawns a table

prop_dynamic_create props/bed_body_reference – spawns a bed

prop_dynamic_create props/pedestal_center_reference – spawns a portal gun pedestal

prop_dynamic_create props/round_elevator_body – spawns an elevator

prop_dynamic_create props/combine_ball_launcher – spawns an energy pellet launcher

prop_dynamic_create props/combine_ball_catcher – spawns an energy pellet catcher

prop_dynamic_create props/glados_stairs – spawns the stairs in GLaDOS’ chamber

prop_dynamic_create props_bts/glados_bunker – spawns the bunker in GLaDOS’ chamber

prop_dynamic_create props_bts/glados_aperturedoor – spawns an incinerator

prop_dynamic_create props_bts/glados_screenborder_curve – spawns a screen

prop_dynamic_create props_bts/bts_turret – spawns a hanging turret

prop_dynamic_create player/chell – spawns Chell (cant be killed)

prop_dynamic_create props/cake/cake – spawns a cake

Spawns (npc’s)

Portal 1

ent_create npc_portal_turret_floor – spawns a turret

ent_create npc_rocket_turret – spawns a rocket turret

ent_create npc_security_camera – spawns a security camera

The cores

Morality Core:
ent_create prop_glados_core coretype 3 spawnflags 1048904 cycle 1.00 playbackrate 1.00 sequence 2 delaybetweenlines 0.40

Curiosity Core:
ent_create prop_glados_core coretype 0 spawnflags 1048904 cycle 0.12 playbackrate 1.00 sequence 3 delaybetweenlines 0.40 skin 1

Intelligence Core:
ent_create prop_glados_core coretype 2 spawnflags 1048904 cycle 0.78 playbackrate 1.00 sequence 5 delaybetweenlines 0.10 skin 3

Anger Core:
ent_create prop_glados_core coretype 1 spawnflags 1048904 cycle 0.91 playbackrate 1.00 sequence 4 delaybetweenlines 0.10 skin 2

Half life

npc_create npc_barney

npc_create npc_alyx
(does nothing)

npc_create npc_breen
(does nothing,also dies in 1 hit)

npc_create npc_mossman
(does nothing)

npc_create npc_dog
(does nothing)

npc_create npc_citizen
(fallows you around in groups of 4 and run from zombies,head crabs,ect…)

npc_create npc_kleiner

npc_create npc_eli

npc_create npc_gman
(does nothing)

Metro Police:
npc_create npc_metropolice
(does nothing)

Combine Soldier:
npc_create npc_combine_s
(can attack you be hitting you and will attack zombies, also can drop a grenade on death if the players grenade ammo isnt full)

Combine Sniper (Instant kill)
npc_create npc_sniper
(cant move or shoot behind its self but can shoot you from far away if it can see you, getting shot by them once instantly kills you)

npc_create npc_seagull

npc_create npc_pigeon

npc_create npc_crow

npc_create npc_headcrab
(walks around until it targets the player and attacks by jumping at you)

Fast Headcrab:
npc_create npc_headcrab_fast
(same as above but doesn’t have a jump cool down and is faster)

Poison Headcrab:
npc_create npc_headcrab_poison
(instantly brings you to 1hp when it hurts you, has the longest jump cool down of the head crabs, it cant kill you by itself and only bring you to 1hp)

npc_create npc_zombie
(walks around randomly until it targets something, if killed by only shooting the body or legs a head crab will jump off the dead zombie, has a chance to become a crawler if a explosive damages it but doesn’t kill it)

Fast Zombie:
npc_create npc_fastzombie
(same and above but is faster,jumps at you and cant become a crawler)

Poison Zombie:
npc_create npc_poisonzombie
(has the most healt of the zombies, has 4 poison head crabs on it 3 of witch can be thrown, is very slow, also cant be turned into a crawler)

Father Grigori:
npc_create npc_monk

npc_create npc_barnacle
(does nothing but puke out bones when shot)

City Scanner:
npc_create npc_cscanner
(flys around until targeting the player, beasculy flashbangs you as an attack, explods when destroyed and has a chance to drop a battery(used to add more health to you)

Shield Scanner:
npc_create npc_clawscanner
(the EXACT same as above except a different look)

Combine Dropship:
npc_create npc_combinedropship
(flys around)

Vortigaunt: (WARNING:This crashes the game when spawned)
npc_create npc_vortigaunt

Strider: (does nothing)
ent_create npc_strider

Stalker: (does nothing)
npc_create npc_stalker

Ichthyosaur (Cut half life 2 enemy): (does nothing)
ent_create npc_ichthyosaur

Half life 2 Turret:
npc_create npc_turret_floor
(like the portal turret but can still shoot if picked up, wont shoot combine)

Portal with RTX Player Console Commands

buddha – you can take damage but won’t die
(its possible for you to die but only if you are getting damaged as soon as you first go to 1hp eg: a poison headcrab attacks you at the same time as a normal head crab does)

god – invincible

sv_portal_placement_never_fail # – allows you to place portals anywhere (0 = off, 1 = on)

noclip – allows you to fly and go through almost anything (but not the skybox and map border)

notarget – turrets won’t shoot you

impulse 101 – gives you weapons from half life (use mouse wheel to scroll through weapons)

impulse 200 – removes portal gun texture (can still shoot)

fire_rocket_projectile – fires a rocket

fire_energy_ball – fires a high energy pellet

cl_showfps # – shows fps (0 = off, 1 = on)

sv_cheats # – enables cheats (0 = off, 1 = on)

sv_gravity # – changes gravity (600 is normal)

violence_hblood # – disables blood (0 = off, 1 = on)

thirdperson – makes your view thirdperson

thirdpersonshoulder – makes your view thirdpersonshoulder

firstperson – makes your view firstperson again

host_timescale # – changes game speed (1 is normal) (0.5 is slow and 1.5 is fast)

change_portalgun_linkage_id # – changes the portal gun linkage id for the user (0,1,2,3,)

give weapon_portalgun – gives the player a standard portal gun

upgrade_portalgun – upgrades the stands portal gun to a dual portal gun

kill – kills player

bind <key> <command> – still works with only a few commands, huh

showtriggers_toggle – shows the triggers in a map

mat_fullbright # – disables shadows (0 = off, 1 = on)

map <map name> – loads specified map

crash – crashes game

killserver – kills the server

maxplayers # – sets the amount of players

ent_remove – removes what you are looking at

ent_remove_all <entity name here> – removes the entity specified

ent_remove_all gib – removes all of the debris from destroyed city scanner’s and shield scanner’s



give weapon_annabelle
(uses the same model as the shotgun but only holds one bullet in a chamber (two if you use press your reload key/button) (cant fire 2 shots at once but if you hold down your reload button and hold down right click it will basically becomes full auto) (for max fun bind your T key to givecurrentammo:
Bind t givecurrentammo so you can keep on shooting for as long as you want)

Alyx gun:

give weapon_alyxgun
(its below you, and you need to press the pick up button the use it) (left click on the mouse to switch from full auto to 3 shot burst) (witch only uses up one bullet despite shooting out 3)

Hopwire (Cut hl2 weapon) (A LITERAL BLACK HOLE GRENADE)
ent_create weapon_hopwire
hopwire_vortex 1 – required to make it work

Cubemap (debug weapon)
give weapon_cubemap
(ironically is 6 spheres of different things they are as fallows:
Top left: light metal sphere (reflective)
Top middle: darkened metal sphere (reflective)
Top right: moving water sphere (ripples and is reflective)
Bottom left: disco ball(i think it looks like one) (not reflective and has bits that stick out)
Bottom middle: red tinted metal sphere (reflective)
Bottom right: corroded concrete sphere (not reflective)

givecurrentammo – Gives you ammo for the weapon you are currently holding
(wont refill the smg’s grenade lancher and the plamsa rifle’s energy ball shots)

These (vvv) are gave to you by typeing impulse 101

Aperture Science handheld Portal Device:

give weapon_portalgun
upgrade_portalgun (Orange portal)

Gravity Gun:

give weapon_physcannon
(the upgraded version aka: the charged gravity gun) (left click brings curten things to you but only if your close enough and then shot back with force by right clicking) (right click also shoots curten things Eg: vehicles, turrets, headcrabs (but not zombies for some reason), and more)

give weapon_crowbar

give weapon_pistol
(repetitively clicking mouse 1(right click) makes the pistol shoot faster than holding down the right click)

357 Magnum:
give weapon_357

give weapon_smg1

Pulse Rifle:
give weapon_ar2

give weapon_shotgun

give weapon_crossbow

give weapon_frag

Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG)
give weapon_rpg

Bug bait:
give weapon_bugbait


ent_fire airboat enablegun 1 (add gun)

ent_fire jeep enableradar; ent_fire jeep enablegun 1 (add gun)

Jalopy: (WARNING:This crashes the game)

ent_fire commands

ent_fire !picker skin # – changes the skin of an object (0 – 10)

ent_fire !picker open – opens doors

ent_fire !picker close – closes doors

ent_fire <entity name here> – will pick up the entity which is specified

ent_fire prop_portal fizzle – removes portals you placed

ent_fire npc_rocket_turret toggle – toggles rocket turrets

Maps and how to load them

To load the maps type in: map <map name here>
(Eg:map testchmb_a_00)

Chambers 0 to 1:

Chambers 2 to 3:

Chamber 4 to 5:

Chamber 6 to 7:

Chamber 8:

Chamber 9:

Chamber 10:

Chamber 11 to 12:

Chamber 13:

Chamber 14:

Chamber 15:

Chamber 16:

Chamber 17:
testchmb_a_12 (first part)
testchmb_a_13 (second part)

Chamber 18:

Chamber 19:

GlaDOS Fight:

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