Potion Permit Dog Food Guide

Welcome to our Potion Permit Dog Food Guide. Other than that, this guide should contain all […]

Welcome to our Potion Permit Dog Food Guide. Other than that, this guide should contain all the purchasable and collectable basic items in the game. We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the Potion Permit game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our Potion Permit guide.

Potion Permit Dog Food Guide

This guide does not include all complex dishes that currently require a kitchen. We’ll post the complex meal results when I come across it. If you know anything and you are positive, you know that this is the result.

There is a bug with Snow Berries. Sometimes the dog pretends to love them, sometimes it doesn’t. For the benefit of this guide, we will look at the dog icon in the inventory menu and the next attitude of the dog.

Loves (++)

The following give you a large bonus to the dog’s friendship meter, and will receive a heart when they eat them:

Basic Dishes:

  • Grilled Tenderloin – Sold at the Lazy Bowl Tavern.
  • Tender Meat – Sold at the Farmhouse Shop.

Complex Dishes:

  • Meatballs – Created at the cooking station.

Likes (+)

The following items will give you a small friendship boost when the dog eats them:

Basic Dishes:

  • White Meat – from fishing
  • Pink Meat – from fishing
  • Coconut – from Ottmar’s stall
  • Mushroom – foraged from the Meadow Range
  • Apple Juice – bought from the Lazy Bowl Tavern, or given as a reward. Warning: it is strongly recommended that you do not “waste” this on your dog.
  • Ottmar’s Corn – from Ottmar’s stall
  • Apple – bought from the Farmhouse
  • Honey – dropped by bears in the 1st half of Meadow Range
  • Egg – bought from the Farmhouse
  • Corn – foraged from the 2nd half of the Meadow Range
  • Garlic – bought from the Farmhouse
  • Potato – foraged from Glaze Iceberg
  • Truffle – foraged by your dog from Glaze Iceberg (Note: they must be high enough affection to perform the action)

Complex Dishes:

  • Mushroom Soup
  • Mixed Salad

Hates (-)

The following will not give your dog any friendship points when consumed. Disclaimer: Your dog will not lose points with you if you give them food they hate – don’t panic.

Basic Dishes:

  • Ginger – from your dog foraging in the entirety of Meadow Range. (Note: Your dog must have high enough affection to unlock foraging.)
  • Milk – bought from the Farmhouse.
  • Premium Root Beer – bought from the Lazy Bowl Tavern.
  • Snow Berries – from foraging in the Glaze Iceberg.

Complex Dishes:

  • Milkshake – either bought from Ottmar’s stall, or made at the cooking station.

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