Potion Permit First Time Character Meeting

Welcome to our Potion Permit First Time Character Meeting Timetable guide. For meeting everyone, harvesting all […]

Welcome to our Potion Permit First Time Character Meeting Timetable guide. For meeting everyone, harvesting all the forest harvest points, and doing both side jobs when you can talk to the townsfolk. We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the Potion Permit game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our Potion Permit guide.

Potion Permit First Time Character Meeting Timetable

So on that first Thursday, Myer gives you the quest to meet 10 of the townspeople, but you may want to just meet everyone that day to make it easier to find them with your dog later. I do have the Quality of Life mod installed from NexusMods to increase player speed to make this a lot easier and allow me to harvest in the forest on the side. This guide also assumes you have all the town warps activated as well.

This is the rough timetable that I found to get as many characters at once as possible. You can obviously find some of the characters in various other locations, but I didn’t search for them outside of these group spots for efficiency. I do include doing the side jobs as well as progressing quests just on this first Thursday. As you meet the townsflok, it should trigger scenes as well.

Businesses’ Hours of Operation

  • Townhall 8-15, except Sunday
  • Police Station 8-22
  • Church 8-17, except Wednesday
  • Bathhouse 9-18, except Thursday
  • Hearts and Spark 10-18, except Friday
  • Silky Stitch Tailors 11-17, except Sunday
  • Farmhouse 7-17, except Monday
  • Primrose 10-18, except Saturday
  • Bulk and Build 8-15, except Tuesday
  • Lazy Bowl Tavern 10-24, except Monday
  • Arcade 10-24, except Monday

Timetable and Locations

  • Myer and Xiao – in Town Hall (0610ish)
  • Harvest til 7, then warp to Beach
  • Hannah, Leano, Victor – on Beach (around 7)
  • Kipps and Ottmar – outside Primrose (around 7)
  • Harvest til 8, then warp to Town Square
  • Derrek and Dean – near Town square warp (around 8)
  • Garret, Lucke, Mercy, and Laura – Inside Farmhouse (around 8)
  • Russo, Helene, Dev, and Rue – outside Townhall (around 830) [Rue heads to Farmehouse if you miss her]
  • Cassandra, Osman, Yorn, and Martha – outside Lazy Bowl (around 830)
  • Olive – in front of Townhall (around 9)
  • Soceilla – in Church (around 930)
  • Opalheart and Runeheart – in Hearts and Sparks (around 10)
  • Reyner and Olive – in Bulk and Build (around 10)
  • Do church side job, then warp to forest
  • Bubbles and Forrest -outside their booth (around 12)
  • Matheo – outside his house (around 12)
  • Warp to forest and trigger landslide quest, then warp near Lazy Bowl and buy steak x2 for energy
  • Zeke – near police station (around 13)
  • Nova – park (around 13)
  • Mariele – in tailor (around 14)
  • Warp to Beach and continue/complete landslide quest.
  • Harvest til just before 22, then warp near Police Station and do side job>
  • Dan – behind Lazy Bowl (around 24)

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