Potionomics Potions Recipe

Welcome to our Potionomics Potions Recipe guide. This guide will show you that here are a […]

Welcome to our Potionomics Potions Recipe guide. This guide will show you that here are a few potion recipes that will help you beat competition 2 easily. We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the Potionomics game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our Potionomics guide.

Updated on 10.25.2022

Potionomics Potions Recipe

Here are few potion recipe’s have found which also will make you pass competition 2 easily!

Potions Recipes

  • Health Potion recipe: 1A + 1B
  • Mana Potion recipe: 1B + 1C
  • Stamina Potion recipe: 1A + 1E
  • Speed Potion recipe: 1C + 1D
  • Tolerance Potion recipe: 1D + 1E

Tonics Recipes

  • Fire Tonic recipe: 1A + 1C
  • Ice Tonic recipe: 1A + 1D
  • Thunder Tonic recipe: 1B + 1D
  • Shadow Tonic recipe: 1B + 1E
  • Radiation Tonic recipe: 1C + 1E

Enhancers Recipes

  • Sight Enhancer recipe: 3A + 4B + 3C
  • Alertness Enhancer recipe: 3B + 4C + 3D
  • Insight Enhancer recipe: 4A + 3B + 3E
  • Dowsing Enhancer recipe: 3A + 3D and 4E
  • Seeking Enhancer recipe: 3C + 4D + 3E

Cures Recipes

  • Poison Cure recipe: 2A + 1C + 1D
  • Drowsiness Cure recipe: 1A, 1B + 2D
  • Petrification Cure recipe: 1A + 2C + 1E
  • Silence Cure recipe: 2B + 1C + 1E
  • Curse Cure recipe: 1B + 1C + E2


Grand sight enhancer:

  • Spider’s-bait diamond 1x
  • Slapping turts’s shell 1x
  • Kappa pheromones 2x
  • Gaintstool mushroom 1x
  • Banshee’s bloody tongue 1x
  • Nessie pheromones 2x

Grand speed potion:

  • Shadowveil pearl 4x
  • Dropspider shadow 1x
  • Hallucinatory shroom 2x
  • Raiju dropppings 1x

Grand ice tonic:

  • Shadowveil pearl 2x
  • Saltwatermelon 2x
  • Bogeyberry 4x

Grand alertness enhacer:

  • Xenoplasm 1x
  • Shadowveil pearl 2x
  • Gaintstoll mushroom 1x
  • Murkwater pearl 1x
  • Sack of hive slime 2x

Grand thunder tonic:

  • Phatonic spore 2x
  • Reef radish 2x
  • Shadowveil peral 1x
  • Banshee’s bloody tongue 1x
  • Saltwatermelon 1x

Grand fire tonic:

  • Bogeyberry 4x
  • Hallucinatory shrooms 4x

Grand poison cure 1star :

  • Bogeyberry 4x
  • Shadowveil pearl 1x
  • Frog leg 1x
  • Sack of hive slime 1x
  • Hallucinatory shroom 1x
  • Saltwatermelon 1x

Grand poison cure 5star:

  • Saltwatermelon
  • Raiju drop
  • Bogeyberry 4x
  • Fulgurite ore
  • Hallucinatory shroom
  • Charredonna

Grand thunder tonic 4star(smeels and looks bad needs to be upgraded):

  • Saltwatermelon 4x
  • Banshee’s bloody tongue 4x

Grand stamina potion:

  • Bogeyberry 4x
  • Crag crab 3x
  • Static spiderling
  • Feyberry

Grand silence cure 3star:

  • Banshee’s bloody tongue 2x
  • Static spiderling 2x
  • Barghast canine 2x
  • Hallucinatory shroom 2x
  • Spider’s-bait diamond

Grand shadow tonic 3 star:

  • Barghast canine 6x
  • Static spiderling
  • Sepulcher widow 2x

Locations of ingeredients(sorry i dint takes note of that before now,
I rly dont remember where they were but i will note it down as i go from now on):

Sulfuric falls:

  • Naga’s fang

Crystalline forest:

  • Ogre’s shadow
  • Djinn blossom
  • Delirium shroom

Ice craggs:

  • Stalking skeleton’s fibula
  • Silverstag antler
  • Watchdog daisy
  • Harpy’s heart of stane

Ingredients i dont know where from cause i got them from the cats chest(or before adding this section:

  • Charredonnay
  • Jeweled scarab
  • Harpy’s snare
  • Dropspider’s shadow
  • Eye of newt
  • Selkie lice
  • Spark of mana
  • Xeno noir
  • Arcane truffke
  • Buoyant blowfish
  • Fire flower
  • Bramble-rose
  • Mosquito plant

Here is some of the ingredients i tought using pictures would be easier for you to find what you need.

Potionomics Potions Recipe
Potionomics Potions Recipe

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