Potionomics Romance Options

Welcome to our Potionomics Romance Options guide. The world of Potionomics features a diverse cast of […]

Welcome to our Potionomics Romance Options guide. The world of Potionomics features a diverse cast of characters, many of whom may form friendships or even have potential romances. In our Potionomics Romance and Gifts Guide, we cover how to befriend each character and more.

We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the Potionomics game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our Potionomics guide.

Potionomics Romance Options

Unlock new Potionomics characters! Most of the friendly characters in Potionomics will be introduced to you between days with the only, which does not follow this trend and has minimal unlock requirements. When you first meet a character, you automatically unlock their initial friendship rank, which is displayed in the deck builder menu.

Romance Options Unlock New Characters

Here’s every character you can become friends with in Potionomics, along with their unlock requirements:

  • Owl – Default. Locked to 5 ranks.
  • Quinn – Day 1
  • Mint – Day 2
  • Muktuk – Day 3
  • Baptiste – After 1st Adventure with Mint
  • Saffron – Day 7
  • Roxanne – Day 12
  • Xid – Day 13. A Greater Mana Potion is needed to unlock her first event.
  • Luna – Day 13
  • Salt and Pepper – Day 14. Despite being two characters, they’re both counted together for friendship ranks.
  • Corsac – Day 22

Potionomics Gifts and Increasing Friendship

While the first rank (of 10) is unlocked upon completing their first event, the rest must be unlocked by completing “Rank Up” events. These become available after you’ve gained enough friendship with each character.

Increasing friendship can be done in a number of different ways. To start with, each character event (even the initial one) comes with dialogue choices. Picking the right ones will give a significant boost to your friendship.

It’s also possible to hangout with characters, increasing friendship and reducing stress. There are four tiers of hangout option for each character, each one having increasing friendship and stress relief:

  • 1st – Default. 1 time.
  • 2nd – Rank 3. 2 time.
  • 3rd – Rank 5. 3 time.
  • 4th – Rank 7. 4 time.

The final (and best) option is gifts. When visiting any of the characters in town, you’ll be able to give them a gift. Said gifts are the ingredients you’ll also need to make potions, so make sure not to waste them. Only one can be given per character per day — since it takes time to travel out of your store, it’s best to give gifts to all characters at once.

More Potionomics Gifts and Increasing Friendship

Characters in Potionomics have specific likes and dislikes, with one type of ingredient being their favourite. If you give someone their favorite item type, their character icon will appear with two sparkles. You should always give characters their favourite gifts, as you only have a limited amount of time to befriend everyone before the game ends — 50 in-game days to be precise, and some of these are taken by the tournaments.

As a side note, Owl cannot be gifted any items. He instead gains friendship ranks after you complete each round of the competition.

Each character’s favorite category of ingredient is:

  • Quinn – Slime
  • Mint – Bone
  • Muktuk – Fish
  • Baptiste – Flower
  • Saffron – Plant
  • Roxanne – Gem
  • Xid – Bug
  • Luna – Fruit
  • Salt and Pepper – Ore
  • Corsac – Fungus

In addition to ingredient types, they also have a rarity. From least to most rare, there’s Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond. This can be seen via the border behind an item’s category when viewing its information in the mouseover menu. Higher rarity items will give a little extra friendship, so make sure to gift these if you have some to spare.

Items marked as “Pure Mana” are unique, since they count as a favorite type for every character in the game — they’re all Diamond rarity too.These are good if you need to unlock new ranks quickly, though they can be hard to obtain early on.

Potionomics Romance

There are nine possible romance options in Potionomics. These are:

  • Quinn
  • Mint
  • Muktuk
  • Baptiste
  • Saffron
  • Roxanne
  • Xid
  • Luna
  • Corsac

To unlock romance for these characters, you must pick the romantic dialogue choices when they show up during events. Doing so and reaching Rank 7 with one of the above characters will give you the option to date them after the event is over. You can only date one character, locking you out of future options if you accept (a warning box appears before you chose).

You’re free to choose the romantic options for all characters. There’s no penalty for doing so, though characters will make lighthearted remarks about this if you reach Rank 7 with them and are already dating someone else.

Romance is also not a requirement for any unlocks outside of Steam achievements — there’s one achievement for dating, and another for rejecting a character. Most of the rank 8 to 10 events will remain the same regardless, just with some romantic dialogue thrown into the mix.

Salt and Pepper do not have romantic dialogue choices. Instead, you have the option to become blood brothers if you pick the right options — these show a paw print instead of a heart.

Character Rank Rewards

Whether you pick the romantic route or not, each character has a set order for unlock:

  • Rank 1 – Card
  • Rank 2 – Card
  • Rank 3 – Card
  • Rank 4 – Discount Coupon
  • Rank 5 – Card
  • Rank 6 – Card
  • Rank 7 – Card, romance if the right options are picked
  • Rank 8 – Better Discount Coupon
  • Rank 9 – Card
  • Rank 10 – Card. Requires crafting two specific potions to unlock.

That’s the basics to characters in Potionomics. Make sure to follow the specific character guides for a full breakdown of the correct dialogue choices to make and what you can unlock.

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