Powers in the Basement Speed Run Achievement Guide

You can benefit from the information in our guide to learn how to complete the “Speed Run” achievement in Powers in the Basement.

Speed Run Achievement Guide

Straight-to-the-point instructions on how to finish the game.

The Speed Run achievement requires completion in under 15 minutes. It’s quite generous, but it does require efficiency. Be sure to skip dialogue by right clicking repeatedly, and try not to get the recipe puzzle wrong, as it is the most time consuming task of all.

I. Your Room

  1. Pick up Pants
  2. Open wardrobe, pick up clothes
  3. Pick up Candle, next to bed
  4. Pick up Pencil, on desk

II. Kitchen

  1. To get to kitchen: Go out of your room, enter doorway next to plant
  2. Pick up beans, bottom shelf
  3. Pick up energy bar, upper shelf
  4. Pick up silver pot, right side
  5. Pick up spoon, above pot

III. Living Room

  1. The Living Room is the right doorway from Kitchen
  2. Use mothballs on Grandpa
  3. Pick up dead flies
  4. Talk to Grandmother
  5. Ask about Ironing T-Shirt
  6. Ask about where is the Generator

IV. Basement

  1. Go back two screens then down the stairs to get to the Basement
  2. Take hockey stick, back wall
  3. Take tongs, back wall by BBQ
  4. Use pot on BBQ
  5. Use frayed pants on spinning wheel
  6. Use spinning wheel
  7. Take elastic from spinning wheel
  8. Go up the ladder and take Rope, right side
  9. Push anvil, you won’t be able to move it
  10. Use rope on wooden board, right of anvil
  11. Use the hanging rope
  12. Pick up broken board
  13. Pick up rope
  14. Open small door, fuse box on big silver box / generator
  15. Take fuse
  16. Look at fuse
  17. Open large door to see empty hamster wheel

V. Bedroom

  1. Use hockey stick on junk under bed
  2. Use hockey stick again on junk under bed. Obtain mug
  3. VI. Kitchen
  4. Use mug on keg, left side. Obtain filled mug (lubricant)

VII. Basement

  1. Go up the ladder and use filled mug on anvil
  2. Push anvil
  3. Use rope on anvil
  4. Use hanging rope
  5. Use anvil (to step up)
  6. Use candle on torch
  7. Complete recipe:
  • Use mug on Green bag, then on pot
  • Use mug on Blue bag, then on pot
  • Use mug on Red bag, then on pot
  • Use mug on Red bag, then on pot
  • Use mug on Red bag, then on pot
  • Use mug on Red bag, then on pot (4X total)
  1. Use spoon on pot
  2. Use mug on pot, obtain feed

VIII. Living Room

  1. Use elastic on slingshot
  2. Use bean on slingshot
  3. Use armed slingshot on horn above fireplace, obtain horn
  4. Use boards on fireplace
  5. Use candle on boards
  6. Talk to grandmother. Ask her about pencil. (If option is missing, make sure to look at fuse and yellow pencil)
  7. Use yellow pencil on green pencil when grandmother places it on table (timed action)
  8. Use green pencil on fire
  9. Use tongs on pencil residue

IX. Entryway

  1. Entryway is the room with the plant.
  2. Use horn
  3. Use dead flies on plant
  4. Take hamster

X. Basement

  1. Use hamster on generator wheel (door must be open)
  2. Use lead on fuse holder (small door must be open)
  3. Use mug with feed on hamster
  4. Give calorie bar to hamster (Use will not work, triggers self animation)
  5. Use mug with feed on hamster again

XI. Kitchen

  1. Talk to grandma, ask to iron shirt
  2. Look at laundry hamper
  3. Give crumpled shirt to grandma
  4. Use chain mail shirt

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