Project Slayers Daily Spin

Welcome to our Project Slayers Daily Spin guide. All about the daily spins in Project Slayers, check what you can get in these spins.

May 22, 2023: We updated Project Slayers Daily Spin

Project Slayers Daily Spin

In order to reward all players who play Project Slayers daily, the Daily Spinner is a system designed for this.

Our advice if you play Project Slayers and one day you can’t play anymore, at least do the spin for free.


Each category of the spinner have an equal chance of being selected (12.5%), there are 4 Categories were you can obtain something in.

  • Wen
  • Clan Spins
  • Demon Spins
  • Random item

The chance of pulling Any Reward on a spin is 50%.


Below we detail all the rewards available within the Project Slayers game, you will be able to know what type of reward you can get depending on what you get.


If you manage to spin up to the Wen category, the amount you can get is random with a maximum of 500 (The more Wen the rarer).

Clan Spins

If you manage to spin up to the Clan category, you get a random about of clan spins up to 25 (The higher the number the rarer).

Demon Spins

If you manage to spin up to the Demon category, you can get a random amount of Demon art spins up to 25 (The higher the number the rarer).

Random items

If you manage to spin up on the item category, obviously you will get a item, but it is a good option becuase the rarer the item the rarer it is to pull from the spinner, also you can get any item in the game.

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