Pseudoregalia Gamma Brightness Control

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Hello from our Pseudoregalia Gamma Brightness Control guide. Are you looking for quick complete gamma brightness control guide for Pseudoregalia? Then you are in the right place! This guide will show you the details you need.

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Pseudoregalia Gamma Brightness Control

Welcome to our Pseudoregalia Gamma Brightness Control guide. This guide will show you detailed information about gamma brightness control in the game!


There is no way to reliably change the gamma in the game, so many areas are very dimly lit or just dark. By quickly installing ReShade you can add all sorts of effects, but for our purposes we just want to increase Gamma, we will use a preinstalled effect called LiftGammaGain.fx.

1. First download ReShade with addon support (ReShade_Setup_5.9.2_Addon.exe install or whatever latest version)

2. Run it and select the exe file for the game, for example located at “C:Program Files (x86)SteamSteamAppscommonPseudoregaliapseudoregalia.exe”, if you don’t know where it is right click on the game while on Steam, mouse over to “Manage” and then click “Browse Local Files” and you will know the location of the .exe file.

3. A window to select the rendering API will popup, don’t change anything, it will default for the correct one usually, in this case the correct is Direct X(10,11,12) option, if it does not you can select it manually.

4. It will then ask you to select a preset to install, just click next.

5. On this next window only the first two options need to be checked, “Standard Effects” and SweetFX by after making sure they are checked then click “next”.

6. It will download the files in about a second or two, if it asks you to pick effects just click “Next” again(they are all prechecked).

Now we launch the game, once in-game, you will see some text at the top left, you can bring the menu up by using the “Home” key, a short tutorial will teach you the basics in a few steps, I recommend you let it show you as it only takes a few seconds.

7. Now select the checkmark for “LiftGammaGain [LiftGammaGain.fx]” on the top box.

8. Configure LiftGammaGain.fx as below, the lower box is for settings on the effects you picked on the upper box.

Detailed information about gamma brightness control in Pseudoregalia

note: You have complete control of Gamma this way so feel free to play around with settings, I believe it controls RGBs in shadows (lower darkens, higher brightens), midtones and highlights, allowing you to find settings that suits you best, aslong as RGB values are the same horizontally it will increase or decrease Gamma without altering color fidelity, it simply looks brighter.

9. Finally I recommend you set a key such as the “End” key to enable and disable effects on the fly to test or treat it like nightvision, you can also mix and match other effects if you want. You can change hotkeys by tapping “Home” to bring the menu up, click ‘Settings” and it will be the second option.

Note that ReShade installs on a game by game basis, it installs into your game’s directory, so installing it for Pseudoregalia for example won’t affect other games, and it can be uninstalled by running ReShade_Setup_5.9.2_Addon.exe again, selecting the game and selecting uninstall, it’s not like a program outside of the game you have to run prior or turn off afterwards, it is safe to use in single player games, but do not use this in games such as Counter Strike Source or Fortnite, or any such online games as it is considered unfair advantage and will get you flagged for cheating. The version without “Addon” on it’s name claims to be safe for online games without being against rules but anti-cheat still does not like that one.

Screenshots for Gamma Brightness effects in Underbelly for reference.


Detailed information about gamma brightness control in Pseudoregalia


Detailed information about gamma brightness control in Pseudoregalia
Written by Reimu Hakurei x3

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