Quake 2 Console Commands & Cheats

Discover essential Quake 2 console commands, from basic controls to powerful cheats. Enhance your gameplay and have fun!

Here’s a ultimate guide to Quake 2 console commands, including cheat commands for various purposes. This guide will help you navigate the game, experiment, and have fun in single-player mode or on private servers with cheats enabled. Remember to use these commands responsibly and consider the balance of the game when playing in multiplayer environments.

All Quake 2 Console Commands

These Quake 2 console commands can make the game more accessible for experimentation or fun in single-player mode, but they should be used judiciously to avoid losing the challenge and excitement of the game. If you have any more specific questions or need further assistance, feel free to ask!

All Cheats and Console Commands in Quake 2 game

Cheat Commands

  1. god: Toggle god mode (invulnerability, you won’t take damage).
  2. give health: Max out health.
  3. give armor: Max out armor.
  4. give weapons: Grant all weapons.
  5. give ammo: Max out ammo for all weapons.
  6. give quad damage: Activate quad damage power-up.
  7. give invulnerability: Activate invulnerability power-up.
  8. give power shield: Activate power shield power-up.
  9. notarget: Toggle invisibility to enemy AI (they won’t attack).
  10. noclip: Toggle noclip mode (walk/fly through walls).
  11. give keys: Grant all level keys.
  12. give all: Grant all weapons, items, and power-ups.
  13. give ctf flag (team): Capture the Flag specific (replace “(team)” with red or blue).
  14. pm_noclipspeed: Adjust the speed in noclip mode (0 for normal).

Miscellaneous Cheat Commands

  1. r_drawviewmodel: Toggle visibility of the player’s weapon model.
  2. r_drawentities: Toggle rendering of enemies and objects (0 for no enemies).
  3. impulse (number): Activate specific game events (e.g., impulse 9 = quad damage).

Player Commands

  1. +forward: Move the player character forward.
  2. +back: Move the player character backward.
  3. +moveleft: Move the player character left.
  4. +moveright: Move the player character right.
  5. +jump: Make the player character jump.
  6. +attack: Initiate a primary attack action.
  7. +attack2: Initiate a secondary attack action.
  8. +speed: Toggle sprinting for increased movement speed.
  9. +movedown: Move the player character downward (for flying in certain mods).
  10. weapnext: Switch to the next weapon in the player’s inventory.
  11. weapprev: Switch to the previous weapon in the player’s inventory.
  12. weaplast: Switch to the last weapon that the player had carried.
  13. drop: Drop the currently equipped weapon.
  14. give (item): Give the player a specific item.
  15. god: Toggle god mode (invincibility).
  16. noclip: Toggle noclip mode (fly through walls and obstacles).

Graphics and Display Commands

  1. vid_ref: Set the video renderer driver (e.g., “gl” for OpenGL).
  2. vid_mode: Set the screen resolution (e.g., “640 480” for 640×480).
  3. vid_gamma: Adjust the video gamma setting.
  4. vid_restart: Restart the video system.
  5. r_picmip: Adjust texture detail level (higher values for lower quality).
  6. gl_modulate: Toggle texture color modulation.
  7. r_lightmap: Toggle dynamic lightmaps.
  8. r_drawentities: Toggle rendering of entities.
  9. crosshair (type): Change the crosshair style (e.g., “crosshair 4” for a specific type).
  10. r_drawviewmodel: Toggle the visibility of the player’s weapon model.

Sound and Audio Commands

  1. s_volume: Adjust the volume for sound playback.
  2. s_mixahead: Set the delay before mixing sound samples.
  3. s_show: Toggle the display of currently playing sounds.
  4. s_testsound: Toggle the generation of a test tone for sound hardware.
  5. stopsound: Stop any sounds that are currently playing.
  6. soundinfo: Display information about the sound system.
  7. play (sound): Play a specific sound effect.

Server and Multiplayer Commands

  1. connect (IP): Connect to a specific game server by IP address.
  2. disconnect: Disconnect from the current game server.
  3. kill: Kill the player character.
  4. map (mapname): Load a specific map.
  5. timelimit: Set the time limit in minutes before switching to the next level.
  6. sv_cheats: Toggle cheat mode (enables various cheats and commands).
  7. sv_maxclients: Set the maximum number of players allowed on the server.
  8. sv_gravity: Adjust the gravity in the game.
  9. kick (player): Kick a specific player from the server.
  10. ban (player): Ban a specific player from the server.

Miscellaneous Commands

  1. help: Display a list of available console commands.
  2. cvarlist: List all available console variables.
  3. version: Display the version of the game.
  4. quit: Quit the game.
  5. exec (filename): Execute a config file with a list of console commands.

Gameplay Commands

  1. give all: Grants all weapons, items, and power-ups.
  2. timerefresh: Test the frame-per-second (FPS) rate.
  3. timescale: Adjust the scale of game time relative to real time.
  4. notarget: Toggle invisibility to enemy AI (they won’t attack).
  5. follow (player): Spectate a specific player in multiplayer.

Chat and Communication Commands

  1. say (message): Send a message to all players on the server.
  2. say_team (message): Send a message to teammates on the server.
  3. tell (player) (message): Send a private message to a specific player.
  4. ignore (player): Ignore messages from a specific player.
  5. cmdlist: List all available console commands.
  6. cmdhelp (command): Display help for a specific command.
  7. exec (config): Execute a configuration script with predefined commands.

Video and Display Tweaks

  1. vid_xpos: Set the x-axis position of the game screen on the desktop.
  2. vid_ypos: Set the y-axis position of the game screen on the desktop.
  3. vid_fullscreen: Toggle full-screen mode.
  4. vid_restart: Restart the video system (similar to config changes).
  5. r_norefresh: Toggle screen refreshing (useful for benchmarking).
  6. r_drawentities: Toggle rendering of entities (0 for no enemies).

Demo and Recording Commands

  1. record (demoname): Start recording a demo with a specific name.
  2. stop: Stop recording a demo.
  3. demo (demoname): Play a recorded demo.
  4. pause: Pause/unpause a demo playback.
  5. timescale (value): Adjust the playback speed of demos.
  6. aviDemo (demoname) (framestart) (frameend): Record demo to AVI.

Quake 2 Server Management

  1. sv_hostname (name): Set the server’s hostname.
  2. sv_maxclients (number): Set the maximum number of players.
  3. sv_privateClients (number): Set the number of private (password-protected) player slots.
  4. sv_password (password): Set a server password.
  5. sv_reconnect_limit (number): Set the number of times a client can reconnect.
  6. sv_maplist (map1 map2 … mapN): Define a list of maps for rotation.
  7. set (variable) (value) (flag): Set or create a server variable.

Mod and Customization Commands

  1. +hook: Grappling Hook (Threewave CTF mod).
  2. skin (skinname): Change the player’s texture skin.
  3. skins: Display skin information for players on the server.
  4. give (item): Give the player a specific item (mod-specific items).
  5. setenv (variable) (value): Set external environment variables.

Quake 2 console commands provide a wide range of customization options to enhance your gaming experience. Feel free to experiment with these commands and have fun exploring the game world.

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