R-Type Final 2 – Passwords

R-Type Final 2 Passwords Welcome to our R-Type Final 2 Passwords guide! All ships passwords! We […]

R-Type Final 2 Passwords

Welcome to our R-Type Final 2 Passwords guide! All ships passwords! We have prepared all details for you. We will update it again, follow us!

Number in R’s Museum – Ship Name – Password:

  • 3 R-9A3 LADYLOVE- Password: loveandpeace
  • 24 R-9B STRIDER- Password: granzella
  • 59 TP-3 Mr. HELI- Password: Ship not released yet
  • 100 R-100 CURTAIN CALL- Password: Ship not released yet

(Enter the password in all lowercase.)

Wait a few days for the #59 & #100 passwords.

How to Discover Passwords?

It is difficult by any means, so the most effortless thing is for you to stop by again when the 2 missing boats are free. In spite of the fact that in the event that you need to look all alone, we illuminate you that the principal secret key (loveandpeace) is found on the R-TYPE disagreement channel. While the subsequent secret phrase was acquired by a Japanese player dependent on experimentation.


R-Type Final 2 positions itself as an assortment of war recollections, exploration, and records. It unequivocally follows Operation Last Dance following the finish of the R-99 Last Dancer. Curiously, the pilot’s name defaults to Jade Ross, the commandant of R-Type Command, who is just in any case name-dropped in Operation Bitter Chocolate. Adding something extra to the specific situation, Jade Ross could likewise be the underlying pilot of the first R-Type.

The game is extremely substantial on customization; expanding on the essential shading customization of R-make in Final, Final 2 permits tones, however adds transport decals, a player model with adjustable sex, suits, tones, and presents, and surprisingly a photograph method of the pilot and a picked R-create. Accomplishing any closure likewise opens the capacity to modify the title and stage courses. Stage names can likewise be changed.

Those acquainted with the Tactics passages will see a great deal of recognizable ships here, particularly the Space Corps capital ships that show up in the stage foundations.

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